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Error evaluating boolean expression Player. Error loading image Q: Error loading image DNS lookup for feeds. DNS lookup for xml. Open, didn't get any data from stream. Previous line repeats 1 times. Timeout whilst retrieving http: Trying to add unsupported control type 1 Previous line repeats 1 times. Trying to clear non existent block Q: Sorry, this is not my xbmc4xbox 333 binary download. But I am afraid there will be no modell binare optionen version of this tool.

I am trying to get a gameboy emulator that is made for RPi to work via this plugin. From the log I can't see any errors. It just looks like the emulator is not launched. But you don't use the above file. You need to activate solo mode for this emulator to make sure the file applaunch.

Maybe this is the error? Also if the above file is your complete applaunch. To find out why it is not working without applaunch. Well it seems as if xbmc is restarted. I get the Raspbmc logo and then back to the desktop. Maybe xbmc4xbox 333 binary download is the first part of the script working, then it tries to emulate, fails and starts xbmc back up?

What is solo mode? I did xbmc4xbox 333 binary download post the whole applaunch. I will try and run it manually next. Frankly I'm not sure how to get a local terminal window xbmc4xbox 333 binary download Raspbmc, only SSH, but i'll figure that out and report back. Thanks for taking a look! It could be useful, at least I'm needing it now to make a mass delete of a certain genres of games utilities, demos, etc without make it one by one. Is there a way to alter applaunch.

I assume this would make it so it wouldn't open back up where I left off in xbmc totally ok with it, rather have my tablet and phone beable to control my htpchowever it might be a decent xbmc4xbox 333 binary download fix till frodo comes out. I wish I could do it myself, I really hate bugging people for this kind of stuff.

I'd really appreciate it if you could help me, I only know how to make basic scripts. But I am afraid it will not work with current version of RCB. But you could try it if you want to. You have to replace this code: Also if you are using another port than 80 or if you have set username and password you have to change the url in the above script like this: So all will quit when you exit the game.

Not sure but maybe it behaves different on Linux, so it is worth to try. On Windows I had some success with the above method with changing the code that launches the games. But I have to do some more testing and optimizing before I can release these changes. Decided to give it a try today. Unfortunately ya it didn't work. It wouldn't close xbmc, and after closing the emulator it would open a new xbmc, so there would be two xbmc processes running.

However I think I was wrong about the original problem. It's not how xbmc is closed, rather it's how it's opened. By running xbmc in a window, if In the terminal I "killall -9 xbmc. So even though I'm killing it fine, it's starting with problems. I'm not sure what's causing the problem. But I was definitely wrong about it being killed wrong, my apologies. I have my emulators and ROMs on a secondary hard drive. Here is the link to my log. Any help would be great.

Unfortunately now though, there's a massive performance issue. Games play slow, and the sound is choppy. Thought it might have been a xbmc4xbox 333 binary download thing the box only had 1Gbbut I threw xbmc4xbox 333 binary download another 3Gb, and the issue remains.

Note that it's a fairly big ROM set - about games. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff to cull out, but no point if hte games left don't run well. I'm running ubuntu Added this to the TODO list. But features for next releases are nearly complete, so I will add it to one of the releases after that. Currently Xbmc4xbox 333 binary download am working on some new options to launch emulators and maybe this will help to solve this issue, too.

But I can't promise anything. Maybe you can upload the log to pastebin or xbmclogs? Maybe you should try to use solo mode? Xbmc4xbox 333 binary download try a local install rom. Looks like you have sorted this out on xbmc4xbox already? I'm having a very annoying problem. Toggle to Windowed mode Toggle to Full Screen mode Hope you can help me out!

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