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This invention relates generally to a dynamic structure of an interconnection capability among distributed devices and services and particularly relates to providing an ability to access device or service-specific, operation even information and a remote automation and control of entrapped computing devices using a data-driven remote programming model, wenn sie in einem binaren optionen handler eingeschrieben sind kann ich mich fur einen anderen handl as in a pervasive computing environment to perform.

The cost of computing and networking technologies have fallen to the point where computing and network capabilities can be incorporated into the design of many electronic devices at home, at work and in public places. The combination of inexpensive and reliable, commonly shared network media with a new class of small computing devices has the opportunity for a new functionality caused mainly based on the connectivity among these devices.

The connectivity also enables many new applications for computing devices, as based for example on a proximity usage scenarios where devices based at least in wenn sie in einem binaren optionen handler eingeschrieben sind kann ich mich fur einen anderen handl on geographic or other intentions cooperating of Proximitys.

These developments have occurred at the same time, as more people are connected to the Internet, and as compound solutions fall in price and increase in speed. These trends lead to a wenn sie in einem binaren optionen handler eingeschrieben sind kann ich mich fur einen anderen handl of ubiquitous and pervasive, networked computing environment where all types of devices are able to effortlessly and seamlessly connect with each other and cooperate.

In a new device connection capability architecture, known as Universal Plug and Play, devices and services are exchanged by exchanging messages of wenn sie in einem binaren optionen handler eingeschrieben sind kann ich mich fur einen anderen handl XML format.

On the programmatic level, it is however useful and productive to work in an object-oriented system. Earlier connection capability models are not sufficient to bridge between the object interfaces and the data messages exchanged with the controlled device via a network.

Some previous connection capability models require a control device to download the program code such as wenn sie in einem binaren optionen handler eingeschrieben sind kann ich mich fur einen anderen handl device driver, a Jini code, etc. Such a requirement of downloading a code is not suitable for the Web and other ubiquitous computing scenarios.

Other connection capability models require the use of a written by the client object for specific classes of service. This measure leads to operational difficulties eg.

As user setup and configuration and is not suitable for ubiquitous computing. The US-A describes a client server Facility CSF interface and a networked service Hardware- Network Service Facility - NSF interface for performing communication between application programs in client and server nodes of a network there are distributed services.

However, the API objects only provide communication transports within a node. Accordingly, the API and RPC objects cooperate with dynamically-configurable protocol stacks within the NSF interfaces to complete the transport mechanism needed by an application program at the client node, if services on a remote server node is accessed. Alt-Vorrichtung ist, die mit dem Netzwerk unter Verwendung eines Proprietary Protokolls kommuniziert. WO-A cited under Article 54 3 and 4 EPC relates to a method and a system for achieving a seamless working capability with each other and integration between a plurality of devices in a network, which is a common protocol used, wherein at least one of the devices is a legacy or Alt-device communicating with the network using a proprietary protocol.

It is the object of the present invention to provide an improved device, to provide a method and a computer-readable medium for a dynamic configuration of an interconnection capability among distributed devices without a requirement of downloading specific program code, or a requirement of the customer to provide written objects for specific classes of service. The object is solved by the subject matter of the independent claims.

Preferred embodiments of the present invention are defined by the dependent claims. Dienst-Protokollen der gesteuerten Vorrichtung auf. Mit anderen Worten arbeitet dieser Adapter als ein universelles Modu According to a technology that is described herein, a general, programmatic interfaces to network notification adapter referred to as a "Rehydrator" a module to a suitable object integration interface or application programming interface imposed on applications on a control device and network data sends messages to access services or a question status of a controlled device, the adapter lists application calls to the wenn sie in einem binaren optionen handler eingeschrieben sind kann ich mich fur einen anderen handl in the network data messages in accordance of service or service.

Specifically, these general Adapter provides the interface that is suitable for any specific service of a controlled device based on a data description of the interface, and converts the application calls for network data messages based on a data-description of a protocol and a format to for network data messages to work with the specific service.

The description can be obtained from the controlled device, a network server computer, or by pre-charging or excessive cache memories to the control device. The technology allows control device applications can be written using an object-oriented programming, while downloading a code is avoided. Additional features and advantages will become apparent from the following and detailed description of the illustrated embodiment, which is made with reference to the accompanying drawings.

Although the general, programmatic interfaces-to-network interface-to- network -Benachrichtigungs adapters in the context of a device control model, and specifically described in connection with UPnP is, it is more common in other distributed networked environments applicable to an object-oriented or similar application programming interface to applications that work away together to create using network data messages.

Universal Plug and Play UPnP is an open network architecture that is designed to allow for easy ad hoc communication among distributed devices and services from many vendors. UPnP uses an Internet technology and can be used as an extension of the web model of mobile web browsers that speak to fixed web servers in the world of peer-to-peer connectivity among mobile and fixed devices are considered.

The cost, size and battery-consumption of a computing technology - including processing, a storage and a display - continue to fall.

This trend is the development of independent, individual computing devices or those with limited function, such as digital cameras, audio playback devices, smart mobile phones and hand-held computers made possible. Simultaneously with this, the economic storage enables the transmission of digital audio, video and still images of highly flexible models for managing entertainment content. While many of these devices are suitable for a useful, independent operation, seamless connectivity can increase the value for the customers of both independent devices and the PC with the PC.

Since many of these devices and the PC itself, are mobile, must allow a highly dynamic connection capability model appropriate communication architecture and shall provide a peer-to-peer operation in optional combinations of devices. The Internet has caused a widespread awareness of the value of a simple, universal communication that is independent of the depositor transmission technology and is independent of the technology of any single vendor. UPnP makes it possible to transfer large amounts of data bulk data z.

UPnP allows for the addition and removal of devices ad hoc on the network, and it allows more control devices remain in synchronism. UPnP reuse existing protocols and technologies whenever possible.

The transition to this highly connected and connected world will not occur overnight. An IP internet works has been selected as a UPnP-based policy because of the proven ability to span different physical media to allow a real world of cooperation from multiple vendors and a synergy with the Internet and home and to reach office intranets.

An Internet synergy enables applications such as IP telephony, games with multiple players, remote control of home automation and security, an Internet-based, e-commerce, in addition to a simple email and web browsing.

The scope of UPnP includes a remote control of devices and transfer of large amounts of data. A media independence from UPnP allows great flexibility in the packaging of products. One of the controllers of this system could be present on a TV, while another is present on a PC, and still another is connected via radio or infrared.

Unlike Plug and Play Universal Plug and Play on Top of a network connection is established and allows for peer-to-peer connectivity ad hoc. A network connection describes in this context a type of connectivity that enables any networked device to initiate a communication with another networked device to have oh ne established a prior relationship or maintaining an existing relationship between the devices.

Crosslinking also allows multiple devices to establish one or more compounds with a single apparatus and enables an apparatus to be able to initiate both connections to other devices or to accept such links from other devices. Especially although a network does not transmit long-term relationships at a low level, it creates the necessary anchors addresses for applications to select, maintain associations as a convenience for the customer eg.

As is reminded of the shared, networked printers. To achieve a peer-to-peer collaboration among devices by multiple users, users agree on a common technology and standards up to the highest level of the desired, functional cooperation.

UPnP combines formal protocol contracts to enable peer-to-peer operation between. Protocol contracts allow operation together from multiple vendors in a real world.

UPnP enables devices to expose a user interface by linking a browser technology. A wenn sie in einem binaren optionen handler eingeschrieben sind kann ich mich fur einen anderen handl browser technology does not keep a separation of presentation of data, or, in the case of devices of control upright.

It is possible to browse a page of HTML to extract data values, but this is not easy or robust. UPnP combines the separation of presentation and data released by the use of XML, and it extends this technology to the device control domain. UPnP provides a controlled by a device auto-configuration capability that preserves the experience that customers have on the web.

Nowadays it is possible to navigate the web without downloading files via the browser itself out. Since UPnP allows the browser to be extended to Steuervorrich obligations, and as UPnP devices are controlled with explicit protocols, the browser must somehow distant, how to communicate with UPnP devices. This learning process is completely managed by the device itself and is carried out entirely by downloading an XML document that describes the capabilities of the device. The architecture moderate component that enables a guided through the device auto-configuration is referred to as the Rehydrator.

The job of the Rehydrator is that convert between APIs and protocols. Since the auto-configuration process itself is guided only by the change of formatted data, there is very little opportunity for a malicious attack by an enemy piece of code from there.

There exist some scenarios where the web UI model is not sufficient for an extensive customer experience. It would not be appropriate to have a Web for every light switch in a house. In order to support a rich user interface and for allowing a grouping of devices in a single UI, UPnP allows an application control in addition to a browser control of devices.

This is easily achieved by applications is made possible to call the same Wenn sie in einem binaren optionen handler eingeschrieben sind kann ich mich fur einen anderen handl APIs, as well as makes the browser. Applications can also directly generate the rough UPnP control protocols and use, provided that they are not on a passed through the device auto-configuration, released by the Rehydrator are interested.

This mechanism can easily support device front panel and wireless remote controls that do not run UPnP protocols. Die detaillierte Beschreibung, die folgt, verwendet die Terminologie, die nachfolgend definiert ist. The detailed description that follows uses the terminology defined below. A component of an apparatus, a software program or a system to implement a particular "functionality" that may be embodied as a software, hardware, firmware, electronic circuitry, etc. The set of modules, which allows communication with a UPnP control device.

Benutzer-Steuer-Punkte initiieren eine Entdeckung und Kommunikation mit gesteuerten Vorrichtungen und empfangen Ereignisse von gesteuerten Vorrichtungen. User Control Points initiate a discovery and communication with controlled devices and receive events from controlled devices. Benutzer-Steuer-Punkte werden typischerweise auf Vorrichtungen umgesetzt, die eine Benutzer-Schnittstelle haben.

User Control Points are typically implemented on devices that have a user interface. This user interface is used to work with controlled devices on the network.

The modules include a minimum Discovery client, a Description client and a Rehydrator. User Control Points can also include a visual navigation, an event subscription client, an event sink, a web browser and an application execution environment. User Control Points can have a value to the network the universal remote control to add or they can implement a function as simple as initiating the transmission of data to a controlled device or from this by combining the control of several controlled devices.

Examples of devices that could be the user's control points, the personal computer are PCdigital television DTVset-top box STBin hand-held computers and smart mobile phonesand the same.

Nothing prevents a single device from implementing the functionality of a User Control Point and one or more controlled devices at the same time. The set of modules, which allows communication with a user control point. Controlled devices respond to discovery requests to take incoming communications from users Control Points User Control Points and can send events to User Control Points. Devices that support functionality of a controlled Vorrich processing, can also local user interfaces, such as front-panel displays or wireless remote controls that support.

The modules include a minimum of one Discovery Server, a Description server and a control server. Controlled devices may include a Presentation- Web server, an event subscription server and an event source.

Nothing prevents a single device from implementing the functionality of a User Control Point or of one or more controlled devices simultaneously. A set of modules, which bridged and legacy devices makes it possible to work with native UPnP devices.

The bridge lists between native UPnP device control protocols and the depositor protocols released by the Bridged and Legacy Devices on. Optionally, such a device could release a UPnP controlled devices to legacy devices in the manner required by the legacy devices.

Nothing prevents a single device from implementing the functionality of a User Control Point, one or more controlled devices and a bridge simultaneously. No service providers are required for communication under native UPnP devices. Bridged device Bridged Device. A device which can participate in a UPnP on the native protocol level, either because the device does not have sufficient resources or because the depositor media are not suitable to be TCP and HTTP run. Legacy device Legacy Device.

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During the past few years, the Internet has been transformed more and more towards a global participatory network. Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia are outstanding examples of this development. At least theoretically everybody linked to the Internet can participate in the social web. In fact, that offers new possibilities like expanded ways of connecting people. On the other hand there are new challenges, e. Another transformation concerns the role of the media recipient.

That is why the recipients in the Web 2. These important changes lead not only to the consequence of redefining media literacy. They also modify our view on the contents of the participatory net and on the possibilities of interaction. Gender is in the Internet, indeed, as in any other arena of everyday life, a central category of interpreting our social life.

The gender studies define gender as constructed. These are assignations which exclude fluid gender identities transsexuals, transgender …. Moreover they legitimate a conventional gender-specific division of labour and gender hierarchies. Stereotypes can be laid open, new subversive constructions and pictures of gender can be promoted. In my assumption, purposeful interactions in the Web 2. Moreover they can promote emancipational processes and help to advance the users self-esteem. Von Nutzer-Nutzerinnen-Kommunikation ist die Rede, welche gleichberechtigt stattfindet und in neuen Dimensionen demokratisches Potential beinhaltet.

Euphorische Hoffnungen machen sich breit. Ist das Web 2. Verleiht es auch den Schwachen eine Stimme? Bietet es emanzipatorisches, befreiendes Potential? Jedoch gilt es einiger Punkte zu bedenken:. Fotoplattformen, die redaktionell betreut werden und damit einer Kontrolle unterliegen. Von diesem Rahmen ableitend gehe ich im dritten Kapitel auf die meines Erachtens wesentlichen Kompetenzen im Web 2.

Noch weniger Alltagsrelevanz besitzt das Verbreiten von Podcasts ebd.: Sie informieren, unterhalten und liefern Angebote zur Sinnstiftung und Orientierung. Die Wahrnehmung von Geschlecht in Zusammenhang mit dem Computer oder Technologien generell verweist allerdings auf dezidierte geschlechtsspezifische Zuschreibungen. Wie die Medien- und Genderforscherin Karin Esders Alleine die Tatsache, dass bei Online-Registrierungen meist verbindlich nach dem Geschlecht gefragt wird, zeigt, dass immer noch an den zwei Polen festgehalten wird.

Das Ergebnis war eine Fehlermeldung des Anmeldesystems mit dem Wortlaut: Auch auf Facebook existieren bereits einige Gruppen, die sich diskursiv mit Genderthemen auseinandersetzen, wie z.

Eine in diesem Sinne gewinnbringende Nutzung wiederum setzt spezifische Kompetenzen voraus, welche Thema des folgenden Abschnitts sind. Genderkompetenz kann als Querschnittsdimension von Medienkompetenz gesehen werden, denn sie spielt in allen von Schachtner und konzipierten Dimensionen eine Rolle. Es muss eine Motivation und Bereitschaft zum gleichstellungsorientierten Handeln gegeben sein. So ist Genderkompetenz im Web 2. Gender Mainstreaming, also die strukturelle Gleichstellung aller Geschlechter, ist in den Unterricht zu integrieren.

Damit korrespondiert auch die Empfehlung von Wolfgang Schindler Going online, doing gender. Alltagspraktiken rund um das Internet in Deutschland und Australien. Busemann, Katrin; Gscheidle, Christoph Nutzung steigt — Interesse an aktiver Teilhabe sinkt. Media Perspektiven , Gender struggles in Web 2. Sprache, Beziehungen und Kommunikationskulturen im Internet.

Geschlecht und die ungleiche Lust am Spiel. Neitzel, Britta; Nohr, Rolf F. Das Spiel mit dem Medium. Partizipation — Immersion — Interaktion. Frauen von der Venus. Gender und Computerkompetenzen in der Grundschule. Moser, Heinz; Niesyto, Horst Digital Divide — noch aktuell? Geteilter Bildschirm — getrennte Welten? Jugend, Information, Multi- Media. Mediensozialisation im Kontext sozialer Brennpunkte. Medienaneignung zwischen Orientierung und Abgrenzung. Dittler, Ullrich; Hoyer, Michael Hrsg.

Zwischen Kompetenzerwerb und Mediensucht. Keupp, Heiner; Weber, Klaus Hrsg. Thesen zum Thema Feminismus im Web 2. Mit Netz und doppeltem Boden? Navigation durch die digitale Jugendkultur. Schinzel, Britta; Ruiz Ben, Esther Gendersensitive Gestaltung von Lernmedien und Mediendidaktik: Eble, Karin; Schumacher, Irene Hrsg.

Aus eins mach zehn und zwei lass gehn. Zweigeschlechtlichkeit als kulturelle Konstruktion. Oxford GB am Registrieren - PW vergessen?

Jedoch gilt es einiger Punkte zu bedenken: Jugendliche und das Web 2. Instrumentell-qualifikatorische Dimension fachgerechter Umgang mit der Technik , 2. Aneignungs- und Gestaltungsdimension kompetente Nutzung der unterschiedlichen Anwendungen , 3. Literatur Ahrens, Julia Das Unbehagen der Geschlechter.