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Our expert panel of women leaders are the founders and senior leadership of Women in ETFs, a non-profit for women and men in the ETF ecosystem. This lively panel is sure to be a provocative start to the conference.

The rise of data and technology is transforming the investment industry, just as it is transforming our everyday lives. The future of smart beta will be determined by how we blend art vishedge trading options science to deliver targeted investment outcomes: The presentation will include a discussion of:.

Smart Beta and Factor Indices and ETFs are now widely recognized as important building blocks in portfolio construction. However, what is less widely known is that you can just as easily use them as diagnostic building blocks to reveal valuable information about your existing portfolios.

We'll discuss how to analyze any set of portfolio returns with the help of software tools and techniques that every modern investor should know and use. To book a room in IMN's block for the conference, please use the following link: Alternatively, you may call the hotel directly atand ask for a room in the IMN Global Indexing block. The block will be open for booking until Friday, November 6, pending availablity. There is a 2 night minimum for booking in the block. Any reservations cancelled after 5pm Arizona Time on Friday, November 6,will be charged one nights room and tax as a cancellation fee.

IMN has not retained a third party booking company to assist with hotel vishedge trading options. You should only make vishedge trading options reservation directly with the hotel using the link provided by IMN or by calling the hotel directly. As investments in the sector continue to break record highs, the forum will bring together key institutional investors and asset owners, index providers, ETF issuers, asset managers, exchanges, technology solutions providers, retail investment vishedge trading options, academics and more to explore new opportunities for achieving superior investment performance through the utilization of an ever expanding array of indexes and tradable index products.

Smart beta promises to be a consistent thread running through proceedings with panel discussions and workshops geared to dissect this much-debated and increasingly popular term vishedge trading options strategy. Following last year's highly regarded workshop we will also offer up an ETF Strategists Breakfast to give this growing segment of our industry an opportunity to field questions from investors and share their deep knowledge of ETF portfolio construction along with their vishedge trading options experience.

We will also gather a panel of leading CEOs to walk us through the challenges and opportunities they see on the horizon for the industry. Such thought leadership and vishedge trading options will be a welcome corollary to this year's keynote presenter, Mohamed El-Erian. We could not be more excited to have Mr. El-Erian join us at this year's summit and we are sure the sharing of his deep and insightful knowledge of global vishedge trading options will be a highlight of the proceedings.

Sharpe Indexing Achievement Awards, presented by The Journal of Indexing Investingwill once again honor the industry's most innovative practitioners during Monday's networking luncheon. Click here vishedge trading options updates on the nomination timeline, and to view past winners. IMN looks forward to continuing its long and proud history of bringing the indexing, ETF and broader investment management community together for three days of lively discussion, thoughtful debate and countless networking opportunities.

Sunday, December 6th, Best practices for determining suitability Keeping an eye on cost efficiency and risk exposure Utilizing fund vishedge trading options as a resource for educating investors Have ETFs replaced mutual funds as the go-to investment for financial advisors?

When is smart beta the repackaging of old ideas? Determining the factors that offer diversification benefits beyond asset-class diversification Examining and comparing the long term costs of smart beta solutions with active investment solutions Looking beyond the label vishedge trading options "smart beta" to better classify the investment profile. What are the potential take-aways from the Paris Climate conference?

How are institutional investors positioning themselves? To what extent should a fossil-fuel divestment movement be on the minds of investment professionals? Can the ESG market grow to a size that leads to the development of passive products i. How to rebalance a portfolio with ESG considerations and still competitively capture yield How do fiduciaries deal with an obligation to reduce the climate risk in their portfolios? All conference attendees, including women and men, are welcome to attend!

Grab a drink, enjoy a slider and join us for some gridiron as the tailgating gets under vishedge trading options in celebration of our 20th annual summit! Economic outlook from the chief executive's perspective How are investor demands shaping the market and changing the industry? Where is innovation needed?

Anticipating growing pains with regulators. Are there factors that consistently add value relative to market-cap weighted strategies? Is a factor-based fund a strategic or tactical tool? What role does it play in portfolios? How are the newest smart beta strategies fitting in retail investor portfolios? Benchmarking techniques for multifactor indexes What are the implications for passive and active managers and financial professionals, running globally diversified portfolios?

Providing a macro framework for investing What factors weigh on vishedge trading options fund asset allocation decisions? Discuss the pros and cons of developing in-house asset management capabilities Identifying and defining risk tolerance in different market conditions Where are you looking for alpha?

How pensions' investment performance fit into the public retirement security discussion. Finding and understanding ways to allow exposure to the returns of foreign assets in an index without exposing the index to vishedge trading options volatility of exchange rates How are benchmark indices impacting capital flows, asset allocation and asset prices? Determining the dollar exposure of benchmarks through an vishedge trading options of its composition Benchmark winners and losers of a strong dollar regime.

Are Robo-Advisors the future of personal investing? Explore the nuances of automated systems executing modern portfolio theory Review the investment limitations of Robo-Advisors i. What are the important differences between hedge fund replication and hedge fund strategy?

How funds-of-hedge-funds fair vis-a-vis hedge fund replication strategies Measuring the relative fee reduction vs performance metrics of hedge fund replication strategies. Review the accelerating inflows to ETFs: Where are the funds coming from mutual funds, hedge funds? Where are they going active Vishedge trading options, currency hedged? Is it a good time to be overweight European ETFs with a currency hedge? Hedging European geopolitics through non-tradition ETFs.

Utilizing customized asset allocation tools to enhance the advisory vishedge trading options How advisors are selecting an ETF and weighing the merits of the underlying benchmark and potential costs Constructing a portfolio to capture market exposure as efficiently as possible Maximizing the benefits of managed ETF solutions with traditional asset allocations Executing all-ETF strategy more efficiently and at lower costs in SMAs.

Review how ETFs facilitate institutional investors participation vishedge trading options the short term market Examining the cost effective nature of ETF solutions for risk management Wider adoption of managed ETFs among global institutional investors Will active ETFs become attractive enough to rival pure active management strategies in institutional investors portfolios?

Who are institutional investors strategic partners in the space? What type vishedge trading options exposure do China A-shares afford investors in the current market?

Is there a bubble? Should spikes in options volatility be sold in anticipation of sharp moves lower? Review the evolution of the VIX from lagging to leading indicator Explore the wide variety of VIX derivative products that allow investors to manage risk Sorting through sentiments with VIX instruments China, vishedge trading options and bond market Using market direction analysis in conjunction with market sentiment.

Who are the early adopters? How are actively managed ETFs being used? Weighing the daily disclosure and front running concerns for equity managers SEC considerations of less transparent active ETFs and recent case developments Do actively managed mutual funds cleanly translate into active ETFs? Do active ETFs offer more vishedge trading options in fixed vishedge trading options than in equities?

Capturing the appealing factors of exposure to Latin America demographics, China, commodities, growing consumer spending etc. Investigate the notable aspects of the India growth story i. Will complex Vishedge trading options strategies replace structured products? Discuss the fundamentals of managing exposure with a mix of hedge and un-hedged products Cyclical and volume momentum considerations when managing foreign currency risk Hedging the macro-affects of a China slowdown Shifting from interest rate risk to credit risk by moving from treasuries to corporate bonds Considerations of asset-currency volatility correlation when hedging.

Will rising interest rates test liquidity in global bond markets? Weighing credit rate risk against interest rate risks in corporate bonds and treasuries Examine price dynamics that stress funding markets and balance sheet and collateral channels Review the various liquidity constraints in the fixed income space Are new regulations and capital charges inducing lower levels of securities inventories?

Revealing new investment niches covered vishedge trading options indexes Discussing how the market has changed and how indexes vishedge trading options adapting Reviewing how non-market vishedge trading options indexes augment or impact the utility of traditional indexes What are the grounding principals driving factor premiums?

What is the next frontier on additional beta products? Examining the major issues in creating indexes vishedge trading options the fixed income market.

The presentation will include a discussion of: A factor-based framework for describing risk and return across asset classes The vishedge trading options of portfolio construction and implementation to the success of smart beta strategies How investors can apply this way of thinking to strategy formulation, manager evaluation and asset allocation.

The changing role of investment advisors An increase vishedge trading options the number vishedge trading options asset classes that can be utilized within a managed portfolio The rise in available tools that can be accessed by the RIA and institutional investment community The expediency of client reporting and ease of implementation.

Indexing methodologies and differing weighting schemes including equal, market capitalization, and fundamental weighting Analyze the factors with the greatest impact on performance Should there be a more methodical way of differentiating index products? Where is indexing heading and how to incorporate these coming changes? Impact of heightened competition amongst the exchanges Trading blocks of stock and tough to trade names Discuss HFTs, dark pools and vishedge trading options order types Transactions costs.

Adhering to a clear risk management strategy How to incorporate alternative sources of income Selecting benchmarks by looking under the hood Providing a macro framework for investing Monitoring fee structure and cost implications of portfolio construction Best compliance and reporting practices.

Equity and indexed based versus physical investments Winners and losers in recent market sell-off U. S dollar movements and China concerns moving the market How long will commodities slow down continue? Vishedge trading options divergence between global commodity prices and equities. Which retail investors are early adopters of ETFs? How do they use ETFs? Commission-free ETF trading to keep costs low Keeping things simple when the underlying security is complex. With higher interest rates making stocks less appealing, where will capital go?

Assess the vulnerability of vishedge trading options bonds. Is there a better hedge to rising rates? How will financial ETFs perform in rising interest rate environment? Executing a portfolio re-adjustment with ETFs. Now that cyber-security sector exposure is a must-have in portfolios, what should you strategically consider when increasing your exposure to the space?

What are the differences between new and traditional providers of cyber-security? Can cyber-security risk be effectively hedged?

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Witnesses testified about investment regulation and the operations of investment pools and hedge funds. Among the issues addresses were a… read more. Regulation of Hedge Funds Witnesses testified about investment regulation and the operations of investment pools and hedge funds. Among the issues addresses were a recent court ruling against a Security and Exchange Commission rule requiring the registration of hedge fund advisers, alternative methods of monitoring hedge fund activities, and trading practices of fund managers and banks.

Witnesses testified about recent turmoil in the financial markets, regulation of investment banking procedures, and on…. Chairman Bernanke and others testified about the recent actions of federal financial regulators attempting to prevent….

The witnesses testified about recent financial market developments and regulatory responses to them. July 25, Regulation of Hedge Funds T People in this video Wayne Allard U. Senator [R] Colorado Robert F.

Senator [R] Kentucky C. Senator [D] Maryland Richard C. More information about Regulation of Hedge Funds. Jul 25, Aug 12, 3: There was an error processing your purchase. MP4 video - Low Price: Error requesting format availability. Your request has been submitted. MP4 video - Standard Price: MP3 audio - Standard Price: September 23, U. Credit Markets and Federal Rescue Plan Witnesses testified about recent turmoil in the financial markets, regulation of investment banking procedures, and on….

April 3, U. Financial Markets and Sale of Bear Stearns Chairman Bernanke and others testified about the recent actions of federal financial regulators attempting to prevent….

July 15, Financial Market Regulation The witnesses testified about recent financial market developments and regulatory responses to them.