Ucl algorithmic trading competition 2011

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We invite researchers whose research work contains a strong Mathematical element to attend. We have included a broad range of topics with the aim to expose participants to models, ideas and techniques that they may not be aware of, and to foster future collaborations.

In recent years many of the underpinning assumptions of classical Mathematical Finance have been under attack, and now efficient markets can no longer ucl algorithmic trading competition assumed by default.

The result is that many more complex real world interactions need to be taken into account, meaning that the techniques and models from other areas such as Real Options ucl algorithmic trading competition Operations Research will be important for the future of Mathematics in Finance. We will be accepting ucl algorithmic trading competition on ucl algorithmic trading competition following themes:.

Papers will be accepted for the conference based on a word abstract for oral or poster presentation. Abstracts should be submitted by Friday 26 February by e-mail to conferences ima. Please state whether your title is intended for oral or poster presentation. Abstracts are expected to follow the following template: You are welcome to participate in the trading competition we are organising within CIFEr Please find enclosed details. Each team will be given a basket of stocks and options, which must be held for the full duration of the tournament, and a quantity of cash, which may be used to purchase options to hedge the static portion of the portfolio.

Trading will be done through a web interface on a simulated market with stylized facts that match the real markets. Asset prices will be revealed at London close each trading day. Teams will have until the next price reveal to enter trading actions.

An asymmetric and cumulative error function will be used to assess tracking performance. Prize winners, however, must agree to attend the conference banquet and competition panel session. Each individual or team may enter the competition only once. Additionally, the algorithms used to generate market data will be revealed during this session.

We invite you to submit your paper or extended abstract. Each accepted paper will be presented orally or as a poster at the conference and is eligible for publication a special issue of Computational Management Science Springer and other international journals. The CIFEr Conference is the major collaboration between the professional engineering and financial communities, ucl algorithmic trading competition is one of the leading forums for new technologies and applications in the intersection of computational intelligence and financial engineering and economics.

Pricing of Structured Securities. Operations Research and the Management Sciences. Testing, Benchmarking, Robustness Checks. Instructions for authors can be found on the conference website, http: We will be accepting papers on the following themes: November 24, We invite you to submit your ucl algorithmic trading competition or extended abstract.

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Hackathons are emerging as one of the key ways students develop hands-on skills, develop exciting products, and work with tech companies.

Buoyed by the success of this, first-year informatics student Fares Alaboud wanted to create a hackathon for his classmates. The premise was simple: The system gives a novel slant on classical trading — their system has to use the same sort of intelligent algorithmic techniques to choose when to buy and sell shares, based on the market conditions.

Students were also entered into an hourly random draw to win a one-month premium Spotify subscription. The day was a great success. They enjoyed the event and, most importantly, the atmosphere. They were really excited and active throughout the whole eight hours. They understood that it was all about the learning experience, more than the one of winning. From left to right: For more photos from the day , see the hackchallenge photo set on flickr. To keep up to date with student tech activities across UK, sign up for hackcampus.

A while back, we talked about automated pricing algorithms running amok on Amazon. Here is another strange and amusing tale about pricing bots on Amazon — this time regarding a book about computers — and the automated pricing of books which, when sold, need first to be purchased by the seller.

The topics range from adaptive and self-organizing systems, through network science, to automated trading. Social networking and information diffusion in automated markets. Overcoming hub effects in scale free networks. May began life as an applied mathematician and theoretical physicist, then applied his models to food webs in ecology, and now finds the same types of network and lattice models useful for understanding inter-dependencies in networks of banks.

Although, as he said in his talk, these models are very simplified, they still have the power to demonstrate outcomes which some may not expect: Andrew Haldane and Robert May []: Systemic risk in banking ecosystems. Nature , , — What happens when automated algorithms interact in ways unforeseen by their creators? The book, published in , is out of print. But Amazon listed 17 copies for sale: Even rather simple adaptive systems can exhibit unintended global behaviours.

This post is a quick shout to our work on automated trading systems and automated mechanism design. A few weeks ago I gave an invited talk on competition between financial markets to a conference on Algorithmic Trading held in London. I spoke mainly about the CAT Market Design Tournament , an international research tournament established in to encourage research into the design of adaptive and automated market mechanisms. Competition between traditional stock exchanges and these alternative venues has intensified, and the need for adaptive responses by online markets to dynamic competitive conditions has therefore increased.

The CAT Tournament has sought, through crowd-sourced research, to provide the theoretical and deployment underpinnings for the development of the science of automated and adaptive marketplace design. The tournament has been run successfully four times since , under the aegis of the Trading Agent Competition , and has attracted entrants from every continent.

A special issue of the academic journal, E-Commerce Research and Applications , devoted to reseach arising from the CAT Tournament, is due to appear in Event co-sponsor LMAX is a newly-established multilateral online financial trading marketplace, created with a goal of enabling retail financial traders to undertake automated software trading through an open API.

Videos of the talks can be found here you will first have to register with LMAX. I recommend watching the talk by Dave Cliff of Bristol University, who summarizes compellingly the current lack of understanding we have of the workings of automated trading systems: Results The day was a great success.

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