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So now that you've seen my Day Trading Station, let's go over component options within several budgets to help build the best stock trading station for you. You can easily trade and make money with a simple trading setup like that and basic internet. We all come from different walks of life and all have different budgets. Monitors Monitors are the centerpiece of your day trading station and most important.

So making sure you have the ability to monitor your daily stock watch list and much of the stock market at once is priceless. They also provide a lot of viewing real estate. With a maximum resolution of x pixels they are not quite full 4k resolution, but with still plenty more than your standard p which is now completely out-of-date. In my opinion x resolution, like this Asus 27" here, is the bare minimum resolution for a desktop trading station setup.

And let me tell you, the findings are trading station setup good. So making an investment in your chair is well worth it. The Zody by Haworth Price: There is a vast array of trading station setup on the Zody chair, hence the wide price range above. However, it is a trading station setup renowned chair that fully customizable and is the chair I own. Some of the special options include: This chair has it all. The only con I can think trading station setup is the arm-rests tend to move around and if you want all the bells-and-whistles, it'll cost you.

However, overall I love this chair! Herman Miller Embody Price: They put some serious advanced research into this thing. I had this chair before the Zody for several years. It looks trading station setup with the exposed skeleton-like back and is also very supportive. The seat is a little hard trading station setup comparison to other chairs and the armrest can dig into your side if you're leaning. But…would I pick this again over the Zody?! Herman Miller Aeron Price: You have probably seen this chair in a lot of movies or nice offices.

This chair has it all from comfort, support, and many adjustments. You can get a base model for a decent price but you can also really let loose and customize it and quickly double the price.

For those who need neck support, the Aeron does not provide it. If your budget is in the mid-range, you can't go wrong with the Aeron. It includes lumbar support, adjustable arms, and the works. Because Standing is Better than Sitting! Nextdesk Pro Air Price: Now these are some amazing desks and are also by far the best trading station setup. Is it easy to justify spending this much money on a desk? It was an amazing desk. Trading station setup it was HUGE! This was back when I had that ridiculous 6 monitor setup that required that kind of space.

The sub-woofer comes with a custom base plate to mount under the desk for a really clean look and trading station setup with managing space trading station setup cables. My only complaint is the desktop surface. My best friend who will remain anonymous. Evodesk had great customer service and shipped me a brand new desktop within the week at no charge! Just make sure you get some coasters to avoid trading station setup hassle!

Technically there is no right or wrong answer here. I buy all the components trading station setup, and I put it trading station setup together myself. The main thing you need to keep in mind when building a PC is… how many monitors am I going to be using? When you know this you then need to pick the proper graphics card, or cards if you need two to handle how many monitors you are running.

These PCs are so sick I'm sure I'll be avoiding the hassle myself and using them when I'm ready to upgrade! As you can see on the card I have 4 inputs on this thing. So I Can run up to 5 monitors --on trading station setup 1 card alone.

You also need to make sure your monitors inputs match your cards. But you can always get adapters. It just means more cables and more mess. Core i7 k -Motherboard: And others for storage: I also have two 1tb hard drives for additional storage. Corsair H80i Gt -Mouse: Apple Full size wired.

Digital Storm Velox Price: One of the best things about having someone else put together a PC for you is that they do a great job with internal cable management. Which looks cool, reduces dust, increased airflow, and reduces heat to key components. Doing it yourself is a pain in the trading station setup and you are not going to do it as good as they do. Digital Storm Apollo Price: Quite a bit cheaper, yet still a powerhouse with some awesome liquid cooling and lighting.

Liquid cooling is very important in heat and noise reduction. My first trading station was like trading next to a space-heater! Anyway, I digress, the Apollo comes with a powerful GTX Graphics card with the ability to run up to 5 monitors with ease.

Corsair Dominator's are the best memory sticks out there! Digital Storm Vanquish 5 Price: However, if you plan to keep it simple with your trading and you're on trading station setup budget than this PC is for you! So having a high-precision mouse to navigate through your trading platform, Level II, etc. If you want your mouse to look like that Bat-Mobile, and function just as well than look no further than the Logitech G For years Logitech has been releasing high-performance mice and the next model would only have slight improvements.

Not the case with the G! It's one of the lightest, smooth, highest-response time, wireless mouse ever created and did I mention it looks bad-ass? This is the mouse that I have been using for the last few years.

This mouse is great for trading and for the occasional FPS gaming! Logitech Trading station setup Wireless Price: So that one day when your making bank you can upgrade your entire system! For me, I personally like the feel of low-profile keys such that you see on a laptop. Again, just personal preference here! But if not the apple keyboard. So, there you have it my friends! I hope by now if you felt a little lost on what you actually needed as far as hardware for trading, I have given you some clarity!

Please comment below on any equipment you strong feel should have been included in this blog.

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