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TradeStation was established inunder the name Omega Research. Tradestation binary options valuation model your guide to were initially focused on developing trading strategy software, but today they operate as a broker catering for investors and traders of all types. In the 30 plus years since TradeStation has been formed they have built themselves a very strong reputation and are well known for tradestation binary options valuation model your guide to rich and highly functional platform.

They offer several powerful trading tools which are especially appealing to active and professional traders. There are very few broker services out there today that can offer as much in terms of trading features as TradeStation does. Not only do they cover an extensive list of products but they continue to improve what they offer their customers.

In this review of TradeStation, we have assessed everything they have to offer from the perspective of an options trader. Most traders will find some benefits in using TradeStation, but this broker is particularly well suited to active and experienced traders who can make the most of the powerful technology.

The fees are reasonable even tradestation binary options valuation model your guide to low volume traders, but high volume traders will get the best value. TradeStation offers two pricing plans for trading options: The flat fee trading plan is variable, and the costs depend on the number of trades made in a calendar month. The best value for your money here is definitely at the higher volume levels, but two separate trading plans along with reasonably competitive charges for low volume traders suggest that TradeStation is trying to appeal to everyone.

It takes some getting used to and there's a fairly steep learning curve, but the potential benefits can make the effort more than worthwhile. The only real downside of the platform is that beginners may struggle to get the most out of it. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that TradeStation offers home study courses and online video courses that will teach you how to use the platform effectively.

This is called Option Station Pro and has a number of features that options traders will find very useful. The advanced order entry technology makes it easy to trade even complex strategies with ease, while the Spreadmaster position management tool allows for the simple creation of customizable spreads.

Orders are filled quickly tradestation binary options valuation model your guide to efficiently, and you have direct access to a wide range of exchanges. Direct routing is also available, allowing you to bypass the broker and trade directly with market makers.

Other features include an excellent range of educational resources and an active community. You can learn a lot just from reading through all the discussions in the forum, and even more if you get involved yourself. Virtually everything is customizable and you can build customized strategies and tracking indicators that will help you tradestation binary options valuation model your guide to implement your trading ideas with ease.

The research and analysis features available are almost as impressive as the trading platform. You can extensively evaluate almost any equity you choose, with data provided from several leading sources in real time.

There are also effective market scanning and pattern recognition tools for monitoring activity and finding trading opportunities. The charting tools have an impressive depth of features and make technical analysis as straightforward as it can be.

They come with over indicators as standard and you can create your own to enhance your analysis capabilities. With so much advanced software available, good customer service is essential. TradeStation doesn't disappoint in this respect, and they are quick to deal with any questions or concerns you may have. They even offer a free customization session to teach how you tailor everything to your own needs.

Opening hours are This isn't particularly uncommon, but a lot of online brokers do now offer around the clock support. The features and tools available here compare to those available at large financial institutions and they can really help you to maximize your profitability.

You will need to tradestation binary options valuation model your guide to some work into getting the most out of them though. This is probably not the broker for you if your preference is to keep things as simple as possible, because the software really is very advanced. Everything you need to learn to use the platform effectively is available to you, and although it will take some time it could be well worth the effort in the long run. Additional Services at TradeStation.

Customer Service With so much advanced software available, good customer service is essential.

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