Trade broker negotiations in BGs!

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This forum is closed, please join us on our new forum: Leiloni Profile Options 11 0. Figured there are way too many people doing it so there had to be a logical reason And yes, they ARE negotiating for my buyout price, I tera trade broker negotiate price the exact price on my items.

Leiloni over 5 years ago. Its not that complicated. It's just to avoid the moneysink. I never use "buyout" option, because if I negotiate with the original price, I get it cheaper, and the seller gets the money they wanted.

Also, you can usually even get it cheaper than going for the lowest price in the broker for buyout.

You guys shouldn't turn off the trade-broker spam. You are just feeding into the money sink and screwing over people tera trade broker negotiate price want to give you the asking price. JohnnyVanh Profile Options 13 0. Leiloni Profile Options 14 0.

I don't think it's an exploit, I think it's intended because it is after all, a trade "broker". You're supposed to negotiate. LancelotDL Profile Options 15 0. Xicor Profile Options 16 0. JohnnyVanh Profile Options 17 0. Leiloni Profile Options 18 0. Vardahoth Profile Options 19 0. I thought it was just a bunch of trollers I was tera trade broker negotiate price with when i wanted to buy items at the asking price, but now I see people are just too [filtered] retarded to know the difference.

I'm going to make it simple for you kids. Option A - Asking price: The buyer makes the offer to the seller for g, the seller accepts and gets g. Option B - Buyout price: The buyer clicks buyout price and pays g, the seller goes to collect the g off the item he sold. Instead it goes to the NPC. Stop being ignorant [filtered]s and sell the items you put up there kkthx. Vardahoth over 5 years ago. Kurumi Profile Options 20 0.

Item price I'll list as 40, buyout will be Person negotiates for 40 with me The price Tera trade broker negotiate price put it up as Accept it Go to collect the income from my sales I get about 36 gold and 17 silver.

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The Maintenance on our PC Servers has completed. Servers are up and running! Thank you for your patience! April in PC - General Discussion. May we please for the love of Kaia have negotiations work in battlegrounds?

It's such an inconvenience for both parties! Is a different server, so is a technical issue. April edited April Besides the technical reason, I'm not sure it really makes sense to allow this in competitive team content.

It may be inconvenient for the buyer and seller, but you're inconveniencing your whole team while you go AFK to deal with broker stuff. People could also use it from the outside to mess with people in battlegrounds -- which, again, are ostensibly supposed to be competitive.

Yeah, the thought of people messing with others in BG through negotiations did come to mind. While the though of going AFK to complete a negotiation, one can auto-run while completing the transaction. The technical issue makes sense, but is BG server that much entirely different than IMS dungeon queue?

I'm not too familiar with the semantics of how these things function. Thanks for the feedback, guys! Though, an auto trade broker option to complete a transaction would be great! Agreed with pretty much most points stated, both con and pro the negotiations. My view on the topic goes as follows: You're already bombarded with the negotiations inside the BG, cause yes. You can decline the negotiation, but not complete. Partially working is kind of weird frankly, could work as a "bug off!

Makes sense only for lowballers but not any other offer that would be a valid one. Inside Dungeons that sometimes are even more intense than BGs, you can negotiate. I can agree that the party may be backing you up and all, but it's still kind of the same thing, but two different end results.

I don't think it's fair to make the auto-accept for anywhere when a player is logged, as a "broker bot" would be the 1st thing to happen. Heck I would even make one and I hate this kind of exploits. The whole deal about being distracted in PVP is kind of player dependent in my opinion. Like said, many players just do stuff like chat in auto-run.

I do every single raid chat when in auto-run and then some tard goes to bother me with "you talk too much you're not helping" yeah bud I'll be out in about X minutes". There you have already a communications leak to the outside world, so I don't see the point of leaking info as relevant. All of them have breathing periods that can be used, dungeons as well, even during boss fights a few seconds are only fatal for a tank or some HM dungeon. Negotiating in BGs should be enabled and this shouldn't even be a discussion.

When someone negos you you don't HAVE to deal with it immediately. It's very easy to find 5s and a safe place to nego something. It can't be abused in any way moreso than the current system. If you just don't respond to the nego they can't keep pinging you.

Not much "negotiating" being done if they offered your listing price. Sign In or Register to comment. You will be signed out in 60 seconds due to inactivity. Click here to continue using the site.