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Israel is blessed with endless options for interesting day trips. North, south or center, there is always a new hike, nature reserve or historical site to discover, and nothing is ever too far away. In our opinion, an artisan food-related item is always in order, especially after a difficult hike or long haul.

So have fun, support local producers and create your own DIY day trips filled with sights, hikes and gourmet items that will entice you everywhere you roam.

Watch the movie, wander around the site and take in the incredible degree view overlooking the Upper Galilee coastal plain, more distant Acre and the Carmel Mountains. What could be better after sightseeing than a mid-afternoon cone? A routine quarry explosion exposed the rare cave developing for millennia deep within the mountainous hillside.

Soft limestone and rainwater mixed to create stunning geological formations beneath the bedrock. Today it is the only cave of its kind in Israel that can be visited, and it is quite an otherworldly site. A guided tour, from which you are free to deviate, takes you along a planked path with railings. Colorful lights illuminate the natural structures. The venture was started by Yossef Yitach, who left his own prestigious architectural firm to become a tarshiha trading options kosher winemaker.

The winery was built on biblical-era soil overlooking the Judean hills and Jerusalem in the distance. Yitach has even dug five wine caves to let his wines develop and age with grace. Tasting the different varietals, while admiring the view, is the perfect way to tarshiha trading options the unique land on which the winery was built.

Instead, immerse yourself in nature by stopping to dip in the desert waterfalls and springs that line the trail. Following your hike, head west toward the tarshiha trading options city of Arad and continue down the mountainous road past the shores of the Dead Sea, up through the Judean Hills to Kfar HaNokdim.

There you tarshiha trading options experience the desert in the comfort of a custom-built village that makes the famous hospitality of Bedouin desert-dwellers accessible to the general population. Tarshiha trading options camp provides various levels of comfortable accommodation, authentic Bedouin-style meals, camel and donkey rides, desert bike and jeep rides, and guided hikes in the surrounding canyons.

Follow the witch-shaped signs along the route leading up to the Druze village of Majd El Shams at the southern base tarshiha trading options Mount Hermon and eventually you will reach this restaurant in neighboring Nimrod. Even more intriguing than the view and the romantic wood-burning stove in the wintertime is the gaggle of witch dolls and decorations hanging from the ceiling as you dine tarshiha trading options fine yet hearty dishes served in sizzling cast-iron skillets.

The restaurant celebrates local specialties such as Golan-raised steaks, artisan cheeses, locally pickled olives and area boutique wines. Following your meal, drive down toward Lake Ram. Continue on the green trail to circle the lake, which according to Talmudic legend is a remnant from the biblical flood and is the product of an ancient volcanic eruption that caused a meter-deep hole filled with rain and groundwater.

Although swimming is not recommended, the lake makes a worthy backdrop for a lovely walk among the fruit trees that dot the area. Wading pools allow children to get close to the reef without tarshiha trading options the deeper waters, as do observation bridges, where one can admire the fish while remaining dry. Adventurous souls can rent snorkeling or diving gear on the beach.

Following a refreshing dip, Eilat Wines — the official southern outpost of the Golan Heights and Galil Mountain Wineries — is a must visit. Located in an industrial zone in the northern section of the city, it is a gourmet hotspot for tarshiha trading options and cheese lovers.

Wines from all over the world are stocked here. During the tour you will pick fruits and veggies fresh from the vine to sample and even receive a whole container to take with! The hill on which the memorial sits gives a vantage point over the Megalim experimental tarshiha trading options power project across the street.

Now a national park filled with spectacularly preserved ruins, it was once a largely populated town along the famous Nabatean spice trading route. Taken over by Byzantines and later by Muslim Crusaders, the site also features ancient churches and a mosque, and was a functional town all the way up until the mid-seventh century. If there ever was an Israeli hike meant to connect you to the ancient history and nature of the land, Nahal Amud Pillar Riverbetween Mount Meron and the Sea of Galilee, is it.

In this one site you will find antique flour mills, the famous pillar for which the river is named, a blossoming orchard filled with the famous biblical fruit species, caves and freshwater pools and springs. The 4-kilometer trail takes tarshiha trading options to four hours, and includes a steep incline or decline, as well as dipping pools, depending on which route you choose.

Found among the breathtaking hills of the Upper Galilee close by, the Ein Camonim goat farm and dairy is a tranquil outpost that produces and sells more than 30 varieties of cheese from the milk of its grass-fed, free-range herd. Other specialty products include homemade fig and walnut jam, and single serving sorbets. For a more elaborate experience, dine in the outdoor restaurant next to the goats and tarshiha trading options yourself to an all-you-can-eat cheese tarshiha trading options accompanied by gourmet salads.

But the reserve is much more than just a world-class bird observatory site. Floor-to-ceiling windows, observation points and a deck make it a prime tarshiha trading options for nestling in and chowing down, while appreciating an unobstructed view. Drive past the agricultural fields of the Jezreel Valley in the Lower Galilee, and you will notice Mount Tabor Tavor peeking out of the horizon. The perfectly round mountain is filled with green trees year-round, and can be climbed by foot or vehicle.

Whatever tarshiha trading options you choose, you will find more than just a beautiful view. The mountain is the location of several significant battles and events from biblical time and so is home to churches including the Church of the Transfiguration Franciscan monastery open to visitors and the Church of the Prophet Elijah.

In the same complex, Tabor Winery tarshiha trading options visitors for a tasting, tour and other events such as Family Harvest Day each summer. Drive through the Golan Heights and you may wonder how it came to be a raised platform, and the story behind the many volcanic rocks strewn about.

Take an easy walk on the paved pathway through the Odem Forest at the Big Juba, and you will learn about some of the geological oddities of this unique forest habitat. For those looking for more than just a view of the crater, you tarshiha trading options venture down into the hole. Tarshiha trading options a run-in with a grazing Golan cow or two, and know that the path is not officially marked.

Continuing down the road into Moshav Odem, you will find a quaint family-run fruit orchard that allows you to pick your own in the summer months. In June it is a prime spot for cherry picking. Tarshiha trading options ushers in the season of the more rare raspberries, blackberries and gooseberries. Grab a cup of coffee, and buy jams, jellies, locally sourced olive oil and honey in tarshiha trading options shop.

Jessica Halfin is an American immigrant tarshiha trading options arrived in Israel in She is an Israeli-trained baker, gourmet cook, food and culture writer, and gives foodie tours to tourists in Haifa City. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when lookin.

The Israeli high-school kids earning high-tech salaries. Israeli 9th-graders learn life lessons from disabled peers. ECGs on the move, thanks to Israeli ingenuity. Israeli summer will be two months longer by Why Harry and Meghan should have a Holy Land honeymoon! Israeli space team still shooting for the moon. When it comes to creation, there are no boundaries. Building tarshiha trading options better Jerusalem, one relationship at a time.

High-tech capsule could be alternative to colonoscopy. A Timeline of 70 Years of Israeli Achievement. Photo by Ben Gilat. Yechiam Fortress photo by Jessica Halfin. Buza ice cream after an Upper Galilee hike.

Photo by Jessica Halfin. Katlav Winery in Nes Harim. A waterfall at Ein Tarshiha trading options. Kfar HaNokdim photo by Jessica Halfin. Negev Center for Agricultural Research and Development. Shivta National Park photo by Jessica Halfin.

Fresh cheese at Ein Carmonim dairy. Walking in the Hula Nature Reserve. Mount Tavor in the Lower Galilee. Photo by Tamir Peled. Odem U-Pick in the Golan Heights. Share Tweet Linkedin Email Print. By Rebecca Stadlen Amir. Dazzling light show brings King David alive in Jerusalem. By Abigail Klein Leichman. Luxury hotel in Acre honored by TripAdvisor. A unique travel experience brings young couples to Israel. Tarshiha trading options Netflix travel show spotlights the tastes of Israel.

View all stories by Jessica Halfin. Are you years old and living in North America? New technology will enable computers to run x faster. They had to choose one thing for each year, and yes, it was… Posted on 70 years of Israeli milestones in seconds — a video timeline. Its very strange tarshiha trading options the Yom Kippur Tarshiha trading options in was… Posted on 70 years tarshiha trading options Israeli milestones in seconds — a video timeline.

Getting better all the time! I've been to two of the Ludens… Posted on 4 reasons Israel is the best travel destination for vegans. Poorly done -- too rapid! Posted on 70 years of Israeli milestones in seconds — a video timeline. Books, battles and magnifying glasses.

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