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Even if you never heard of SpotOption, as a binary options broker, you have probably already deposited money with them. This is why you should know the firm. With this information, spotoption review of binary trading platforms will be able to understand who SpotOption is and how you should deal with the hidden empire of binary options.

This means they provide the software, the banking, and almost spotoption review of binary trading platforms else that binary options brokers offer to their customers. There are only a few platform providers that create the systems that most brokers use, and SpotOption is one of the biggest of them. To understand the system, think of car brands.

Most big car makers own several spotoption review of binary trading platforms brands. They develop a platform and use it for models with each of these brands. While these models are different on the surface — they look different and have different interiors — the actual car is often identical.

You get the same drivetrain and the same engine whether you buy an Audi or a VW, a Cadillac or a Chevrolet. In the s, the U. Despite the few car makers, there were many, many car brands — from Oldsmobile to Cadillac, and so on. This variety was mostly an illusion that sold cars build of identical components in different designs.

Many but not all binary options brokers are the result of a similar illusion. They are the brands of a few binary options makers. SpotOption does the same thing as General Motors, but with binary options. They offer the platform; binary options brokers add their designs and their branding. But that is all that the brokers do.

As long as two brokers both use the SpotOption platform, it makes little to no differences which of the two you use. As you can see, this list contains everything that you need to start a brokerage. All you have to do spotoption review of binary trading platforms is come up with a name and design a few details, SpotOption does the spotoption review of binary trading platforms.

InSpotOption claimed to have brands or affiliates. These brands all looked different, but they were effectively the same broker. It is unimportant which spotoption review of binary trading platforms these brokers you choose, as soon as you deposit money with them, the money will eventually end up with SpotOption, and you will get your binary options, your assets, and your payouts directly from SpotOption. The most prominent SpotOption platform was Banc De Binary, once the biggest binary options broker in the world.

After legal complaints on three continents, Banc De Binary ceased its operations in early Other brokers that use the SpotOption platform are:. Of course, this list is incomplete, but you are probably dealing with a SpotOption broker when you recognize these elements:.

SpotOption allows its customers spotoption review of binary trading platforms customise their trading platforms. Every SpotOption customer will look a little different, and there is a pro-style trading platform with all the features and a light platform with fewer features and a cleaner look. Nonetheless, once you get a good feeling for the typical SpotOption look, you will quickly be able to recognise a SpotOption once you see it.

At first, the technicalities of binary options trading can seem unimportant. Who cares how a broker creates its trading platform, as long as it is a good platform, right? Well, not so fast. First of all, it is important to understand what is happening to your money.

This is a huge difference, and it means that you have to investigate an entirely different company when you check whether you can trust the people who handle your money. This is the business side. But there are much more reasons for why it is important to understand SpotOption and the business idea behind it.

SpotOption is not the only platform provider for binary options. Companies such as TechFinancials and TradoLogic offer similar services. The most popular brand of these providers is 24option, which sponsors spotoption review of binary trading platforms giant Juventus and partners with tennis legend Boris Becker. For a complete understanding of the binary options world, we recommend learning more about these providers, too. Here are those you have to know.

In short, SpotOption is a questionable business. We recommend staying away from it. There are other binary options brokers out there, and you are much better signing with one of the legitimate ones. For a list of government regulated brokers you can trust, we recommend taking a look at our broker list. As we already pointed out, SpotOption has recently faced legal issues.

Their most popular brand, Banc De Binary, had to close due to many governments cracking down on the service. To spotoption review of binary trading platforms these legal issues, SpotOption has created a new product called digital contract that is supposed to fulfil government requirements. Digital contracts are basically a rebranded version of the old SpotOption service.

They offer a few new modifications, for example a new payout and expiry model, but, so far, there is no indication that the service has become more trader friendly. There is simply not enough data to judge the new SpotOption service yet. Therefore, we recommend being cautious. There are trustworthy brokers out there, so why use a service where you are unsure whether it is legitimate? SpotOption is a difficult topic. On the one hand, it has contributed significantly spotoption review of binary trading platforms the rise of binary options, which has also lead to the creation of many good brokers.

On the other hand, SpotOption in itself is a questionable business that boasts about how many of their traders lose all their money.

We recommend staying away from SpotOption and its many brands. Pick a trustworthy, government-regulated broker, and you should be fine.

Our broker list is a good starting point for your search. The leading brands all create their own platforms — not relying on any underlying technology.

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The purchase options can be just Paypal or credit card. So what brokers should you use with AutoBinarySignals. Well to be honest, use any broker that youre comfortable using. I recommend using it on the Spot Option or the Tech Financials software.

The main reason being is they actually offer all the various expiry times that the Auto Binary Signals matches up to.