How To Filter Email Into Search Folders in Outlook 2013

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Your Outlook Search returns only little or no searchresults? You searched the Internet search options in outlook 2013 solutions and found only confusing posts, like "delete your profile" "rebuild the OST" or "reinstall Windows"?!? When it starts the search results are incomplete and after a couple of days there are no results at all. Windows will start a reconfiguration and ask for a restart, do so You now removed this feature from WIndows and with it search options in outlook 2013 faulty settings that cause the problem.

You can not search for Emails with attachments. I tryed to life with this limited Search. Its not worth it! Outlook will complain the the Searchfunktion is not working. That is correct cause we just deleted it. Windows will start a reconfiguration and ask for a restart, do so. Now Windows will reinstall the Searchfunktion brandnew and clean.

While the Index rebuilds Open Outlook and enter something into the Searchbox and Outlook will tell you search options in outlook 2013 the search results are incomplete Have patience. In the Ribbon Menu "Searchtools" you find a dropdown button "Searchtools" there you find the option "Indexing Status".

There, Outlook search options in outlook 2013 tell you how many Items still need to be Indexed, this number should go done while you rebuild the Index. There is alot of weird soltuions out there, some of them may work.

Why does it work? The Guide above is a clean de- and reinstall. Deleting your Profile will force Windows to add the new Profile to its Serachlocations but why go through all that trouble?! Why chop of your Head if search options in outlook 2013 got an headache If you use Exchange then you must be connected to the server and use Cached Exchange Mode for Instant Search to index your messages. Cached Exchange Mode uses an Offline Folders file.

Alternatively, click the arrow in the Instant Search pane, and then click Search Options on the menu. Under Indexing, verify that the data files that you want to include in your search are selected in the Index messages.

My solution was simple: These are all bandaids. Upgrade your RAM to 6gb or more and you will have applied a fix instead of a bandaid. I fixed my entire company from having this reoccuring problem via upgrading their memory. Thats another way of doing it Shot first, let WIndows ask later Wish I could buy you a beer for this one. I would say this is more like a styptic than a bandaid.

It stopped the bleeding quickly. I skipped the middle steps. Stopped indexing in outlook - then unchecked for windows - rebooted which took several minutes due to system reset - once back up checked windows search - rebooted, again with the system reset - opened outlook search options in outlook 2013 check the index feature restarted outlook as required - it did a quick index update had been stuck at for days - after a couple of minutes indexing showed 0 - the entire system is working better.

Thanks to Spacelord for the info - this has been an ongoing problem for months. I am intrigued by these suggestions, especially the one which says that the lack of RAM in the machine can be a factor when the indexing system is running. I have this self same recurring problem and it is doing my head in!! I am going to now rebuild the index which has been tried before and also increase the amount of RAM in the machine and see what happens - will post back to give an update soon.

Do others find this works on Outlook ? I found it did not solve our issue. We initially had folks able to use Instant Search without having cached exchange mode search options in outlook 2013 which we prefer to be off. Our msx had to be restored and log files replayed after a raid card failure, consequently, Instant Search became broken for end users and the only fix we've found thus far is to recreate the user profile, with allowing cached exchange mode.

I imagine if I went through the trouble to recreate the entire user profile, it would work, but that's more work and a bigger thorn than just accepting the "fix" I have now.

Ideally though, rebuilding the index on it's own would fix it - not the case. The way you discribe it it seems you have an issue with your Exchange Search options in outlook 2013 right? So this fix works only for Win7. But the Indexing is done on the Client PC localy, so if they have access to the Mailbox the Indexing service should do its job. If not the i would start looking for a solution there.

Search options in outlook 2013 have only one user out of approx. If your users are not running cached mode and instant search suddenly stops working, it is very likely the indexes for the Exchange databases those users are on have become corrupt. Earlier this year our Exchange server crashed in the middle of a backup job truncating logs.

After the server came back up, we started receiving complaints about search not working properly or not showing all results. Turns out that crash corrupted our database indexes.

Search options in outlook 2013 is an Exchange powershell script called ResetSearchIndex. Depending on how big your databases are, this can take days or even weeks, but in our case it completely resolved our online search issues in Outlook. Nov 12, 2 Minute Read. After the Restart open Outlook.

Enter something into the Outlook searchbox. Close Outlook restart WIndows. If you make changes in the Windows Features an additional Restart is an healthy thing.

Switch ON "Windows Search". To check the progress. In the Ribbon Menu "Searchtools" you find a dropdown button "Searchtools" there you find the option "Indexing Status" There, Outlook will tell you how many Items still need to be Indexed, this number should go done while you rebuild the Index.

If you enter something in the Outlook Searchbox you can watch more and more results appear. I would include Screenshots but i use a German Win7 and that would not help you very much. Be patient it will solve your Problem.

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