Saxo Bank Review 2018

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Saxotrader platform download get a lot more than just a website from your bank on which you trade shares with limited information. Our platform range from basic one-screen layouts, to advanced multi-device platforms aimed at day traders and professional traders, showing auction uncrossing prices, good charting and more.

Iress can also be white-labelled, so you saxotrader platform download see the platform being offered by various local players, saxotrader platform download Nedbank, Peregrine, Investec, Thebe, etc. Each one has their own logo and colour scheme, but it is essentially the same platform underneath. We offer the Iress platforms through Nedbank and Peregrine. Nedbank currently offers CFD trading on their version of Iress, called Ntrade, and they are saxotrader platform download in the process of adding equities and other local instruments.

Investor has a basic one-screen layout. Iress Investor is more aimed at people who trade overnight positions, ie do not buy and sell within the same day, but rather buy something to keep the position for a few days, weeks, months or years. We also offer demo accounts, so that you can get used to the look and feel of saxotrader platform download platform.

The demo account offers delayed data, whereas the live account offers live data. Java enables right-click functionality in the browser, so the trading platform is very easy to navigate and use.

You can test drive either Trader or Investor for free. You can get used to the look and feel, place trades and play around. There are some limitations, though: For those not familiar with Saxo Bank: For security purposes you can only be logged into any 1 platform at a time. The platforms offer DMA — direct market access, so you trade straight into the relevant stock exchange, without delays. Different order types include limit, market, GTD good till date, GTC good till cancelled and multi-rule based stop loss and trigger orders.

You can also view your order on the charts, saxotrader platform download their technical analysis and charting tools are phenomenal. Your platform shows you all trade history and you can download the necessary reports for your tax returns at any time. You can even request withdrawals from your trading account on your platform, so amounts to be transferred saxotrader platform download your bank account.

So now you can start trading short term instruments without having to saxotrader platform download out more cash to open an account. Iress Investor As easy as it gets Investor has a basic one-screen layout. Platform specifics The platforms offer DMA — direct market access, so you trade straight into the relevant stock exchange, without delays.

View a quick overview on each platform. Desktop Web Phone Tablet What makes them unique? Get started Open a demo account Open a live account Online training.

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Saxo Bank enables clients to trade currencies, shares, CFD contracts, futures, options and other derivatives as well as portfolio management via their online trading platform - SaxoTrader 2. SaxoTrader 2 has been internally developed by Saxo Bank and is available to investors directly through Saxo Bank or through one of their white-labelled partners usually other banks and brokerages.

They have, in fact over sixty partners globally of whom, currently, twelve are in Asia. Essentially, Saxo Trader is a good all round platform offering many products to trade, but as with all brokers, they are after your money if they can get it.

Having asked a Saxo Bank trader through their 24 hours chat line for his view on spot gold over the next two days they said bullish but with no reasons to reassure you. I asked the same question 20 minutes later and the response was bearish. When I asked why the sudden change, the told me that that is what the 15 minute graph is showing.

Their platform is quite complex this in the positive sense of term but canceling orders in a fast market can be a nightmare. I rang to close an order when I was away from the system and it took exactly 7 minutes from when they answered the phone to close the position. This turned a winning trade into a loosing one. If you are already loosing the order takes 10 seconds to close!

So, it's not the best broker on the planet, but I think they are - at least - honest. The customer service was also good for me. Saxo Bank offers a wide range of tools in the home page of the site, some of which include: The good thing about all these tools is that most of them can be integrated with your pda device or mobile phone by SMS WAP or directly by phone alert.

I asked my Saxo Bank account manager about their policy towards scalping and he told me that scalping is allowed at Saxo bank however sniping is not. He defined sniping as using a software to perform very fast trades targeting few pips per trade. He said that using a software for sniping eliminates risk since the software know exactly the market direction. He added that Saxo bank have a powerful set of systems that can easily catch a sniper and prevent him from trading.

And your first An insurance guarantee fund for all Danish banks covers all clients regardless of Nationality and Residence. A did for me, try manual entries and exits. It has helped me tremendously.

But, I have to watch the screen more often doing it all manually. It's a give and take. All comments and ratings on this page are the opinion of the reviewer, and do not necessarily represent the views of Financial-Spread-Betting. Where possible, I endeavour to ensure that all ratings are the honest, independent and unbiased view of the reviewer, however, I accept no liability for the views expressed herein.

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