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Joan Crawford rises from poverty to affluence and then suffers glamorously in beach house, roadhouse, and mansion from the nasty semi-incestuous goings on of her cad husband Zachary Scott and her spoiled daughter Ann Blyth. Miss Crawford's heavy breathing was certified as acting when she won an Academy Award for her performance here.

Michael Curtiz directed this glossy adaptation of the James M. With Jack Carson and Eve Arden. Drama min, No rating, Color An acted-out cross-section view of what the young radicals of the 60s are doing in the 70s--how they're trying to find a revolutionary way of life. It's so long minutes and so miserably structured that the viewer can't tell who is living with whom, or where, or what the economic base of any of the groups is.

The directors, Robert Kramer and John Douglas who also wrote and edited the filmcut back and forth among people living in communes and burned-out apartments and on the road, who talk about their feelings, and the need to be open about those feelings, in banal, strangely indirect, and abstract terms. It's all so maundering and haphazard that it looks like an after-apocalypse movie; this is certainly part of the point, but we never get to understand what the directors' principles of selection were.

Stone as Joe, of Joe's Bar. The Milky Way France At times, the film seems to be a Catholic-college revue, full of dud barbs and daring seminary humor. For a more extended discussion, see Pauline Kael's book Deeper into Movies.

Million Dollar Legs US Million Dollar Mermaid US The director, Mervyn LeRoy, is not known for his sense of pace. Berkeley used smoke pots and sparklers, and put Williams, wearing a chain-mail bathing suit made of recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed of gold flakes, at the top of a geyser.

Millionaires of Naples Italy He has a great lived-in face, and his acting lives up to the descriptions of his stage performances. Her artifice doesn't photograph well, and her Mimi is singularly unmagical; however, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The director, Paul L. Stein, didn't do much with the material, but even in this pokey, unimaginative version, the heartbreak and melodrama have a compulsive interest--rather like the appeal Edna Ferber built into Show Boat.

The Mind of Mr. Can a young man Terence Stamp recently awakened from a year coma find happiness with Nigel Davenport strict structural educator or Robert Vaughn permissive educator?

Directed by Alan Cooke. Ministry of Fear US As melodramas of the period go, however, this one is better made than most. Ray Milland has just been released from an insane asylum, where he was confined for murdering his wife, when he is drawn into a plot by a gang of German spies who are after defense plans.

The heroine is the unimposing Marjorie Reynolds; the villain is that falsetto cutthroat Dan Duryea. Minnie and Moskowitz US The picture drivels on about the joys of spontaneity, while Gena Rowlands and Seymour Cassel remain embarrassingly wrong for each other.

In French; the English subtitles purify Clouzot's dialogue. The Miracle Italy This Roberto Rossellini film is itself a miracle: Anna Magnani stars as the peasant woman who is convinced that the child in her belly is a new Christ child, and Federico Fellini who also wrote the story plays the man who put the baby there.

This is the film that was the subject of a censorship case that was fought all the way up to the Supreme Court. Miracle in Milan Italy A fun-loving old lady finds a newborn baby in a cabbage patch. The baby becomes Toto the Good, the happy man who loves everyone; when he is frustrated in his desire to help people, the old lady, now an angel, comes down and gives him the power to work miracles. The failure of innocence here is touchingly absurd; the film is stylized poetry, and it is like nothing else that Vittorio De Sica ever did.

Francesco Golissano is perfect as Toto; the heroine, Brunella Bovo, is what Chaplin's heroines should have been but weren't. The film provides a beautiful role for that great, almost legendary lady of the Italian theatre, Emma Gramatica many, many years before, she had recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed over Duse's roles and acted under the direction of D'Annunzio ; as the supremely silly old woman of Sica's fairy tale, she is as yielding and permissive as his UMBERTO D.

With Paolo Stoppa as the unhappy man. Cesare Zavattini adapted his own novel, Toto Il Buono. This is one recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed Preston Sturges's surreal-slapstick-satire-conniption-fit comedies, and part of our great crude heritage.

The picture was held up a year because recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed censorship problems, and you'll know why. The Miracle Woman US It was softened by a mawkish love story: But it's still a beauty, well staged and handsomely lighted Joseph Walker was the cinematographerand with some intermittent good writing; the screenplay is by Jo Swerling, from the play Bless You Sister, by John Meehan and Robert Riskin.

With Beryl Mercer and Russell Hopton. The Miracle Worker US The play has some weaknesses, and they come through all too glaringly in the performances of Victor Jory and Inga Swenson as Helen's parents, but the dramatic force of the pitched battle between the strong-willed Annie and the equally strong, animal-willed Helen carries everything before it.

The Misfits US Arthur Miller wrote the screenplay from a story he'd published in Esquire about contemporary cowboys--"misfits" in the film's symbolism--who hunt down wild horses and sell them to be butchered for dog food.

Monroe had never worked her vulnerability so fulsomely before; the film has an uncomfortable element of fake psychodrama--she's pushy about her own sensitivity. Clark Gable plays an aging cowhand who falls in love with her, and Montgomery Clift is particularly engaging in the smaller role of a cowhand-rodeo rider with mother troubles.

If there is a right tone in which to play the Miller script, the director, John Huston, doesn't find it. Much publicity attended the making of the film in Nevada ; it was plagued by delays caused by Monroe's psychiatric disorders and these delays, the heat, and the arduous actions required of Gable are widely believed to have caused his heart attack and death, just after shooting was finished. The score is by Alex North; the cinematography is by Russell Metty. Miss Firecracker US Holly Hunter is the waif Carnelle in Yazoo City, Mississippiwho thinks that if she can just win this year's 4th of July beauty pageant--the Miss Firecracker Contest--she'll be respected.

Thomas Schlamme, directing his first feature, tried for vividness, and the movie is never plain boring, but its comic pathos and Southern-gothic cuteness can grate on you.

He force-feeds the recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed Carnelle's desperation, her courage, and her heartbreaking pint-size gallantry.

Recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed it's just about impossible to laugh at her. The only element that really makes the movie worth seeing is the wild sense of fun in Tim Robbins' performance as Carnelle's courtly, impulsive cousin.

The role is a baroque contraption, and that's what Henley is good at. Robbins and Mary Steenburgen, who plays his patrician sister, have a tingling love-hate intimacy; they're marvellous together. And he and Alfre Woodard are nuttily harmonious as love-struck clowns.

Filmed on location in Yazoo City. For a more extended discussion, see Pauline Kael's book Movie Love. Miss Julie Sweden As the valet, Ulf Palme matches her performance with a surly, sly arrogance that makes his conquest of her a true degradation. The expansion of the play over considerable lyric acreage and preceding generations is ill-advised; it tends to dissipate the confined, harrowing drama. But the performances make this a powerful version, nevertheless.

Miss Sadie Thompson US Drama 91 min, No rating, Color, Available on videocassette and laserdisc Somerset Maugham's story Miss Thompson was adapted to the stage as Rain and opened instarring Jeanne Eagels. A movie version came out instarring Gloria Swanson as the sinner-heroine, and another inwith Joan Crawford. But by the 50s Maugham's durable vehicle, in which the conflict is between Sadie the honest whore and the wrathful, hypocritical Reverend Davidson, had run into Production Code censorship troubles, so in this updated-to-the-Second World War version Sadie Rita Hayworth just seems a naturally high-spirited girl who likes to sing and dance and scamper about with small children.

He appears to be an insomniac spoilsport who wants her to stop entertaining the troops so he can get a night's sleep in the South Pacific hostel that shelters him, Sadie, a batch of Marines, and the sergeant Aldo Ray who falls in recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed with her.

Rita Hayworth seems physically overblown, and, attempting to be sincere, she's rather dull though she works hard to be scorching when she sings. There are several musical numbers in this Columbia Technicolor version, written by Harry Kleiner and directed by Curtis Bernhardt; in its initial showing in New York it was in 3-D, but that was dropped for the national release.

And Lemmon is so eager to have depth that he looks on a serious role as a chance for redemption; Ed arrives in Santiago to look for his son and we are stuck, observing each step in the calibrated process of his learning to distrust American and Chilean recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed and coming closer to the counterculture values of his son's wife Sissy Spacek, who's fresh and natural.

Costa-Gavras's antipathy to Americans appears to be so deep-seated that he can't create American characters. The only real filmmaking is in the backgrounds: Based on the book about recensione broker fairy tail zero episode 103 english subbed actual disappearance by Thomas Hauser; script by the director, and Donald Stewart, and the uncredited John Nichols. Produced by Edward and Mildred Lewis, for Universal. Mississippi Burning US And he twists facts here as he did there, with the same apparent objective: The movie hinges on the ploy that the F.

And we're put in the position of applauding the F. This cheap gimmick undercuts the whole civil-rights subject; it validates the terrorist methods of the Klan. But the film is morally repugnant. The script is credited to Chris Gerolmo Parker says he rewrote it. Cinematography by Peter Biziou; the pulsating score that's designed to work you up for the violence is by Trevor Jones.

Mister Buddwing US James Garner is the amnesiac hero searching for his identity, and he's not just an amnesiac--he's Everyman. Jean Simmons and Angela Lansbury are sunk in this morass; Suzanne Pleshette manages to stay afloat for a few scenes; then she, too, is submerged. Jacques, and George Voskovec. Mister Roberts US Henry Fonda re-creates his stage role as the ideal modest, quietly strong American--a Second World War lieutenant who is frustrated by the petty boredom of life on a rear-line Navy cargo ship and wants to get into action.

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