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In the Nexus, you can interact and trade with other players, customize your optionsand purchase Realm Gold and items. It is here that realmeye trading options go when they escape to safety by pressing the Nexus key R by defaultclicking the temple iconor entering a realmeye trading options portal. Name Change Statue The shiny gold statue in the northwest corner of the spawn platform allows you to choose a unique name for yourself.

This name must contain no more than 10 characters, and only letters are allowed. Once you have your name, it will cost Realm Gold to change it again. Guild Hall Portal The brown door in the southwest corner of the spawn platform is a portal leading to the Guild Hall, where you can meet with members of your guild.

You may only go through this door if you are in a guild. Items in the vault are not lost with realmeye trading options death of realmeye trading options character. Pet Yard Portal In the northeast corner of the platform is the Pet Yardan area where pets can realmeye trading options hatched, fedand upgraded.

Character Change Statue Two grey statues north of the spawn platform. Realmeye trading options take you back to the character selection screen, where you can switch to a different character, switch to a different server, or log out of your current account.

Six fountains are placed around the Nexus: They are not marked on the map but can easily found near the water. They can have up to 12 items on display, which appear throughout the day. Prices remain constant until a few minutes before the item sales end, at which point they can be found at a discount. All current realmeye trading options can be seen here.

Mystery Box Shop North of the spawn area is the Mystery Box Shop which sells the chance to receive a variety of items, along with item packages.

Step on the yellow tiles to see what is being offered. Cloth Bazaar Portal Between the middle and lower shops of the eastern and western walls are portals to the Cloth Bazaar, which offers dyes and cloths.

For more information, see Cloth Bazaar. The Tinkerer offers rewards for bringing specific items, and the Login Seer offers rewards for logging in daily. The number of realms available changes often, depending on the population of the current server and which realms are sealed off. There realmeye trading options be up to 8 available at once, or there can be none at all although having fewer than 2 is rare and temporary.

Each is after a minion, usually a god. Below realmeye trading options portal is some fraction, with a denominator of 85 and the numerator displaying the current number of players in that realm. All realms are instances of the identical game; there are no differences in difficulty, skill level, or guild inclusion. After getting at least fame, you can come to the northwest wing of Nexus to create a guild by interacting with the guild book. You will need to choose a unique name for your guild.

Arena Portal In the northwest wing of Nexus is the portal that leads to the Arenaa realmeye trading options dungeon where you can fight endless waves of enemies. There is no penalty for dying in the Arena. Interact with them to get information about the Arena and to see realmeye trading options Arena leader boards. Bats can only be found at graveyard. The Flies shown in the 5th picture from the top can follow you.

If you stand still, The floating ghosts and pumpkins will swarm you. There are also little mushrooms? Once killed, they will explode and make everyone within its blast radius hullucinate for 30 sec???

This portal is located at the top left of the nexus. The Summer Nexus has some farm animals, beaches and lakes: Chicks will follow player when player is close. At night, some fireflies appear. The basic-theme Nexus is inhabited by sheep. Other Nexus themes see realmeye trading options animals outside the walls. In February following the hacking of Realm by SwatSec, the Nexus was devastated with many player graves.

This look was echoed in the Realmeye trading options for the Nexus dungeon which was released afterwards. It seems like you have disabled javascript. The site uses it extensively, so expect a much degraded experience! Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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So you want to do some trading. Trading is how the right items get to the right people, and is a key part of the co-op nature of RotMG. Trading can be daunting for newcomers and veterans alike. Good trading comes with experience, but great trading comes with care and consideration for your fellow players, your own trading goals, and your local market.

The following are a few things to consider. These are not hard and fast rules, but they can help you to become not just a better trader, but a more memorable and nice player. Different items have different prices. Note that there still is a place for items below these tiers. Feel free to give them away to beginners, or trade within tiers. The actual tier guide is an accurate method to trade between lower-level items.

Many players follow price guides posted by other players to judge the relative value of different items. These prices are in no way set in stone, as prices tend to fluctuate. Price guides may be found from time to time on the official Subreddit , and on the unofficial RealmEye forums.

If there is an accurate price guide, you can ask a question there, or see what other players are currently offering , here on RealmEye. Remember, people are free to value an item however they want, but they will have to compete with other buyers and sellers who may offer a better price for the same item.

The Nexus is preferred for buyers and sellers, as all players pass through it every time they play the game. Nexuses in some servers are better trading hubs than others.

However, remember that the Nexus is a communal space. Spamming junk text will get you blocked faster than anything. Trading can sometimes be time-consuming, so some players prefer to post offers on their RealmEye pages. You can read more about it on the Trading page. In order to complete a trade, both players must have enough room in their inventory to contain the received items.

This may be because it was very quickly overtaken by other chat messages. Do not click trade over and over but just wait a few moments and try again. This is the same for accepting a trade request and no trade window popping up. Take that moment to check that what you are about to receive is really what you want. In the morning to noon, the trading server is very populated. At this time, Some items may be in higher demand then others.

It is recommended to sell any popular items at this time. It helps to have a few stars when trading; most players filter star players with the menu option due to the spambots in Nexus.

Respond to people when they talk to you. If they want to walk out to the lesser populated corners of the Nexus to negotiate, take a few seconds to do so. If they want to converse via whispering, you should do so. Signs can help advertise your items so more people will want to buy or sell your items.

When advertising your items, read the text you are going to send out loud to make sure it makes sense. Here are some samples to copy for trading:. Many people in the Nexus have a need for a certain item, and will place a priority on getting it. People have their own prices for items, so you may have to compromise. Asking people to make offers is not negotiation. It helps to know what items are of equal value, so you can make exchanges later on. Everyone wants a good deal, and no one wants to be scammed.

This demonstrates complete ignorance of how a market economy works, and is bound to deter and annoy people. Though it often helps to be patient, understand opportunity cost. Time spent in the Nexus trading is time not spent killing enemies, who are sometimes easier to get items from than other traders. Remember, you earn no fame and no white bags sitting in the Nexus. Some people may not be patient.

Negotiate a good deal or walk away or ignore them. Trading obscenities could attract the notice of bystanders. Finally, be sure to be firm. You owe nothing to anyone. Try to work something other with the other person or move on. A player without a backpack can hold 8 items at a time in their inventory. Someone may have something you want, but not on their character, or even on their account; they may have that item on a mule.

If you make an offer and no one responds, give it time. Be courteous and be patient. Remember that the difference between tiers is usually low, and the highest-tier items are often valued less for functionality than for aesthetics. Going cheap is sometimes the smartest thing a player can do. It helps to stand still when selling or buying if you may. Merching is where you buy items for a low price and sell them for a high price, and repeating to make profit.

People have gone from a Defense Potion to a Unbound Health Ring this could take hours, days, weeks, and even months.

Be patient when merching. People will not always take your deals because in reality, you have to make crappy deals if you want to make profit. There are many different tutorials and walkthroughs on merching on Youtube. I recommend watching a few to get the gist of it. Sell a couple of sprouts for a cheap pot such as dex, vit, or wis. Now go to the Nexus and merch! Think long and hard about the image you want to project.

Lock a few players that you see begging. Leave them locked, then look for them a month later. Not playing anymore, are they? In the unlikely event that they are, you can bet that most players have blocked them, and they are sitting on the beach, dying, and thinking players like you are still seeing their messages asking for items.

Instead of simply asking for stuff, go play for a few minutes. You will have to to place an item in your inventory to switch them out with. High-leveled players still use these potions, and they will be much more inclined to give you items if you show some effort.

There are several common scams employed by people to cheat you out of your hard earned items, but with a little attention, spotting them is no problem. Be especially aware of spambots, which advertise items for real-life money or gift cards. This is one of the most common scams. It involves a player offering a ridiculously good deal for an item and using a similar-looking junk item in its place.

Wisdom Potions which look similar to Life Potions ,. Snake Oils Which look similar to Potions of Defense ,. This scammer tries to make a legitimate trade, and then quickly deselects his item in an attempt to make you accept a trade for nothing. Watch for people asking you to change your side of the deal; scammers do this to distract you.

This scam is extremely common. A scam that has been rising in popularity lately is where somebody asks for donations, where in return they open a high-quality dungeon. After receiving their donation s , they nexus and go somewhere else without actually opening the dungeon.

If you want to pay goods for someone to actually open a dungeon which is still risky , check out the current offers on Realmeye for more trustworthy people who will open dungeons for stuff. This kind of scammer pretends to be a Youtuber in order to gain donations. Avoid these people no matter how hard they beg. Better somebody else than you. Block them right away. This type of scam decreased in usage a while ago, but it is slowly making a return.

Of course, sometime after as you hand over your items, they close the window and disappear without giving what they claim you won. This implies that if you were to sell for example, a tomb, most will not pay you what you want until you open it for them. Obviously it is very easy for them to scam you by entering the dungeon and not paying you.

It is recommended that you trade with someone you can trust to ensure a good deal. An extremely rare scam which involves a player pretending to be a moderator or a popular player in order to get free items from you. True developers and moderators would never ask for items. Report anyone you see doing this immediately via a support ticket. Another rare scam when the perptrator tells you he is hacking your account and that the only way he will stop is if you give him some potions.