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Hi Ladies and Gents, plain strategies trading betfair from a betting background, for me, strike rates combined with prices, of course were fundamental to constructing plain strategies trading betfair betting methods. I'm curious to know if other traders bother to record such plain strategies trading betfair what strike rates can be obtained in the various trading disciplines, scalping, swinging, etc.

I know that "it depends" but it is interesting to know roughly what is going on out there. It's very hard to say. Like you said, 'it depends.

I had 6 consecutive profitable months, and plain strategies trading betfair them I had days where every race was a winner. There is also so much variance involved that it's very hard to give accurate figures without trawling through pages of trading history.

In the good old days I would guestimate that for every trades I'd win 25, lose 10, scratch But that's the way I use to trade; putting money everywhere and scratching at the first sign of trouble. I found it very exhausting and am now on a leave of absence. I don't get it. How do you calculate SR for trading?

Profitable markets VS nonprofitable? Hi N, yes, for me strike rate is profitable races divided by total races. You are quite right, strike rate gives no indication of qualitative performance, cheers, MC. You are quite right, strike rate gives no indication of qualitative performance, cheers, MC i agree too, that's why i specified that my average loss is larger than my average win. Either some people put too much thought in, or I put too little in, but I have no fcuking clue about my strike rate.

But who knows how the mind sways things. I am still fat and drunk, so it must be enough So this actually intrigued me a little. So for mine, that suggests I have Won Lost days For the record, I am having my worst year up until tomorrow for the last half a decade and am only up 65k, but still, nearly as good as a real job.

Pretty close to Although, I do still have time to pump up another k profit for the year. Lol, I did think that a few people wouldn't have a clue, after all, why should they? Ahhh, drunk, that wonderful state, cheers MC By the way, how's that nag doing? Ok, so my quick formula drag was ineffective. Seems my click on the minus section didn't work, so was merely resetting on a loss.

Plain strategies trading betfair think I was that big plain strategies trading betfair loser. Strike rate is, potentially, quite a key tool. However, one person's strike rate is entirely incomparable to another's. In fact, one person can have entirely different strike rates for different strategies. It all depends on staking levels, staking plans, exit points, etc, etc, what a good strike rate is. Thumbs LOL, hi K, sadly I have had no inspirational thought, or possess a cunning master plan, no, it's just idle curiosity, I'm afraid, brought on by Zweistein's post and probably too much time on my hands.

Z posted results with a particularly high strike rate, as many trying to use posts to cure bad habits, often do. I wondered what sort of strike rates other traders obtain, that's all. I'm impressed with the strike rates over here. I've all my football trades recorded in excel for the past 2 years, with a plain strategies trading betfair of indicators around it.

I think these plain strategies trading betfair amazing results, and I should be rich by now. But this strategy has stake limitations. Something I've been working on is to accept more variance to pump bigger stakes. I've that strat, it works at least it worked for the past yearbut I'm not truly at ease when pulling the trigger. I guess I need some Temujin determination for this.

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