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NET Core web app based on a list of name-value pairs. Configuration is read at runtime from multiple sources. Name-value pairs can be grouped into a multi-level hierarchy. Each configuration optionen builder maps to a string key. There's built-in binding support to deserialize settings into a optionen builder POCO object a simple. NET class with properties. The options pattern uses options classes to represent groups of related settings.

For more information on using the options pattern, see the Options topic. View or download sample code how to download. Configuration consists of a hierarchical list of name-value pairs in which the nodes are separated by a colon.

To retrieve a value, access the Configuration indexer with the corresponding item's key:. To work with arrays in JSON-formatted configuration sources, use an array index as part of the colon-separated string. The following example gets the name of the first item in the preceding wizards array:. Name-value pairs written to the built-in Configuration providers are not persisted. However, a custom provider that saves values can be created.

See custom configuration provider. The preceding sample uses the configuration indexer to read values. To access configuration outside of Startupuse the options pattern. For more information, see the Options topic. To work with arrays in XML-formatted configuration sources, provide a name optionen builder to each element.

Use the index to access the values:. It's typical to have different configuration settings for different environments, for example, development, testing, and production. See AddJsonFile for an explanation of the optionen builder. Configuration sources are read in the order that they're specified.

In the preceding code, the environment variables are read last. Any configuration values set through the environment replace those set in the two previous providers. When the environment is set to Stagingthe following Configure method reads the value of MyConfig:. The environment is typically set to DevelopmentStagingor Production. For more information, see Work with multiple environments.

Configuration values are returned as strings, but binding enables the construction of objects. Optionen builder allows the retrieval of POCO objects or even entire object graphs.

Value converted to a specific type. Each object in a class can be recursively bound. Consider the following AppSettings class:. Optionen builder this section, a basic configuration provider that reads name-value pairs from a database using EF is created. Define a ConfigurationValue entity for storing configuration optionen builder in the database:. Create a class that implements IConfigurationSource:.

Create the custom configuration provider by inheriting from ConfigurationProvider. The configuration provider initializes the database when it's empty:. Note the sample adds the custom EFConfigProvider after the JSON provider, optionen builder any settings from the database will override settings from the appsettings.

The CommandLine configuration provider receives command-line argument key-value pairs optionen builder configuration at runtime. View or download the CommandLine configuration sample. To activate command-line configuration, call the AddCommandLine extension method on an instance of ConfigurationBuilder:. Passing argument key-value pairs on the command line changes the values of Profile: To override configuration provided by other configuration providers with command-line configuration, call AddCommandLine last on ConfigurationBuilder:.

CreateDefaultBuilder loads optional configuration from optionen builder. The CommandLine configuration provider is called last. Calling the provider last allows the command-line arguments passed at optionen builder to override configuration set by the other configuration providers called earlier. Arguments passed on the command line must conform to one of two formats shown in the following table:.

If -key1 isn't present in the switch mappings given to the configuration provider, a FormatException is thrown. When manually building configuration with ConfigurationBuildera switch mappings dictionary optionen builder be added to the AddCommandLine method.

Switch mappings allow key name replacement logic. When the switch mappings dictionary is used, the dictionary is checked for a key that matches the key provided by a command-line argument.

If the command-line key is found in the dictionary, the dictionary value the key replacement is passed back to set the configuration. A switch mapping is required optionen builder any command-line key prefixed with a single dash. In the following example, the GetSwitchMappings method allows command-line arguments to use a single dash - key prefix and avoid leading subkey prefixes.

Without providing command-line arguments, the dictionary provided to AddInMemoryCollection sets the configuration values. Run the app with the following command:. After the switch mappings dictionary is created, it contains the data shown in the following table:. The command-line keys are swapped.

The console window displays optionen builder configuration values for Profile: For more information, see Host Optionen builder. To access configuration within ConfigureServices or Optionen builder during startup, see the examples in the Application startup topic. Optionen builder namespace and inject IConfiguration into the page or view. Optionen builder feedback optionen builder for this content will be changing soon.

Old comments will not be carried over. If content within a optionen builder thread is important to you, please optionen builder a copy. For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post. There are configuration providers for: The unencrypted Secret Manager storage. An encrypted user store, such as Azure Key Vault.

Custom providers installed or created. Optionen builder "Press a key To retrieve a value, access the Configuration indexer with the corresponding item's key: The following example gets the name of the first item in the preceding wizards array: Gandalf Name-value pairs written to the built-in Configuration providers are not persisted.

Use the index optionen builder access the values: Consider the following appsettings. IOptionsSnapshot can reload configuration data when it changes.

For more optionen builder, see IOptionsSnapshot. Never store passwords or other sensitive data in configuration provider code optionen builder in optionen builder text configuration files. Don't use production secrets in development or test environments.

Specify secrets outside of the project so that they can't be accidentally committed to a source code repository. Learn more about how to work optionen builder multiple environments and managing safe storage of app secrets optionen builder development.

In-memory provider and binding to a POCO class The following sample shows how to use the in-memory provider and bind to a class: Bind window ; Console. WriteLine "Press any key Left", 80 ; Console.

Bind to an object graph Each object in a class can be recursively bound. Consider the following AppSettings class: Bind appConfig ; Console. The following code can be used to unit test the configuration: Bind settings ; Assert. Optionen builder a ConfigurationValue entity for storing configuration values in the database: The configuration optionen builder initializes the database when it's empty: An EFConfigSource extension method for adding the configuration source can be used: Using the following appsettings.

Build ; Typical ASP. For appsettings files where:

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