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ASIC media releases are point-in-time statements. Please note the date of issue and use the internal search function on the site to check for other media releases on the same or related matters. ASIC has warned of a dramatic increase in the extent of unlicensed conduct by retail OTC derivative providers seeking to expand their market with new customers for their complex and risky products such as binary options. ASIC has raised its concerns with more than 40 unlicensed providers.

The majority are binary option issuers but also contacted were some binary option review websites, binary option trading signal providers, binary option broker affiliate websites, margin FX providers and managed FX service providers.

Of those providers contacted, 21 have agreed to co-operate with ASIC and take remedial steps to ensure they are no longer providing financial services in Australia until they are appropriately licensed or authorised. Remedial actions that have been implemented include:. Some of these entities have indicated an interest in obtaining the appropriate licence to operate in Australia and have been provided with information to assist them with that process.

A further nine entities have not directly responded to ASIC regarding our concerns but appear to have made some changes to their websites, including removing references to Australia. Entities that agreed to implement remedial actions appropriate to their circumstances include:. Entities that have not directly responded to our concerns but appear to have made some rectification actions include: ASIC has also released a number of recent public warnings in relation to the entities that have not responded to our concerns in any way.

Products such as binary options and margin FX are very complex and risky. Australian investors may be exposing themselves to increased risk when they deal with an entity that is not appropriately licensed or authorised in Australia because they will not be able to rely on many of the protections available under Australian regulation. Australian investors should check ASIC's professional registers to determine if an entity is licensed to provide financial services in this jurisdiction and should not deal with an entity that does not hold the appropriate authorisation.

A binary option is a financial product, in particular a derivative, under the Corporations Act. Any entity that deals in, new binary options robot bloombex options is it possible to make a living trading binary options any provides advice about, binary options in Australia must hold an Australian financial services AFS licence, or be authorised by an AFS licensee. Australian clients who receive financial services from an entity that is not appropriately licensed may have the right to rescind their agreement with the entity and may be entitled to recover brokerage, commissions and other fees paid to that entity.

Recent advances in technology have made it more possible for providers of retail OTC derivative products to quickly set up low cost website businesses often from overseas locations which may be largely outside our jurisdictional remit.

ASIC has responded to this emerging risk by seeking timely public outcomes new binary options robot bloombex options is it possible to make a living trading binary options any. Where ASIC has identified concerns it has adopted a more facilitative approach to encourage appropriate and timely remediation of unlicensed conduct.

Where entities have not cooperated with ASIC, it has issued public warnings. Where the conduct identified is more serious ASIC may take further regulatory action as it considers appropriate. Find a media release. Follow us on Twitter asicmedia.

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