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Leather products found at a crafts market in Brazzaville, Congo. They may have originated from Mali, as similar products were found in the shop of Malian leather workers who illegally ship in Nile crocodile and other skins to Congo. A new tool has emerged that could give investigators around the world a way to stop the illegal trade in threatened and endangered species. The idea is that customs agents can send samples of items made from animal products — like crocodile skin boots or antelope hide bags — to a DNA analysis lab where researchers can determine exactly what species the product or meat is from.

By analyzing this "barcode of nab online trading help they can determine if the skin is from an endangered antelope or one that's allowed to be hunted. The "Barcode of Life Data System" resides in seven steel canisters stored in the basement of the museum. They look like six-foot-tall thermoses and they're filled with liquid nitrogen. The "influx" consists of everything from butterfly wings to whale blubber — tissue from field biologists and museum curators who send in these samples to be stored and, eventually, have their DNA analyzed.

Amato and his fellow nab online trading help are trying to curb the illegal wildlife trade, especially bushmeat — meat from antelopes, monkeys, or other wildlife that may be consumed locally but nab online trading help banned from international trade. In the new project, they're also targeting illegal wildlife products like shoes or handbags made from protected reptiles. The trade has become a multi-billion-dollar business.

Julie Feinstein, collection manager of frozen tissue lab at AMNH, removes a rack of samples from one of the liquid nitrogen-cooled storage vats. She's wearing special gloves so that, as she puts it, she doesn't stay attached to the vat. Amato is analyzing the animal samples and identifying a particular section of DNA that is unique to every species of animal or even insect. For example, a duiker antelope would have nab online trading help sequence that is unique only to duikers, but different from other antelopes.

A Nile crocodile's sequence would differ from other kinds of crocs. Amato calls this revealing section of DNA a species "barcode. Here's how the barcode could work: Let's say you're a customs nab online trading help who's found a hunk of meat in a suitcase.

You don't know if it's duiker antelope or hamburger, let alone an ordinary kind of antelope that's not protected by international law. So you send a piece of it to Amato.

Amato compares that DNA to the DNA in his library and knows right away what species nab online trading help comes from — and whether the meat is legal. The project is still in the testing stage, says Mitch Eaton, a biologist with the U. Geological Survey near Washington D. He spent years documenting the bushmeat trade in Nab online trading help.

The increase in pressure on these forests for economic and commercial purposes is growing very quickly. George Amato, an evolutionary biologist who helps oversee the DNA library, inspects a crocodile skin briefcase. Even after the skin has been processed, the bumps contain bits of bone the lab uses to extract DNA. Eaton says wildlife investigators need a tool like the DNA barcode because much of what's traded is unrecognizable. At the museum's lab in New York, Amato pulls down a box full of leather goods confiscated by the federal Fish and Wildlife Service.

I think they were supposed to be made out of Nile crocodile. Amato's team has just described its barcode technique in the journal Conservation Genetics. Amato says they hope to turn the technique into a tool that investigators can use worldwide. So far, they've already identified illegal imports of whale, dolphin, crocodile and smoked monkey. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Using this "barcode," they can evaluate meat and skin samples to determine if they came from an nab online trading help species. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. September 14, 4: Heard on All Things Considered.

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