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This kurs fur binare operationen illustration depicts the merging black hole binary systems for GW left image and GW right image. The black hole pairs are shown together in this illustration, but were actually detected kurs fur binare operationen different times, and on different parts of the sky.

The images have been scaled to show the difference in black hole masses. In the GW event, the black holes kurs fur binare operationen 29 and 36 times that of our Sun, while in GW, the two black holes weighed in at 14 and 8 solar masses. Press release Press conference Resources Contacts. The two LIGO gravitational wave detectors in Hanford Washington and Livingston Louisiana have caught a second robust signal from two black holes in their final orbits and then their kurs fur binare operationen into a single black hole.

This event, dubbed GW, was seen on December 26th at Like LIGO's first detectionthis event was identified within minutes of the gravitational wave's passing. Subsequent careful studies of the instruments and environments around the observatories showed that the signal seen in the two detectors was truly from distant black holes — some 1.

With these two confirmed detections, along with a third likely detection made in Kurs fur binare operationen believed also to be caused by a pair of merging black holes--see our paper draft on Black Hole Binaries in O1 for more information we can now start to estimate the rate of black hole coalescences in the Universe based not on theory, but on real observations.

Of course with just a few signals, our estimate has big uncertainties, but our best right now is somewhere between 9 and binary black hole coalescences per cubic Gigaparsec per year, or about one every 10 years in a volume a trillion times the volume of the Milky Way galaxy!

Our next observing interval — Observing Run 2, or "O2" — will start in the Fall of With improved sensitivity, we expect to see more black hole coalescences, and possibly detect gravitational waves from other sources, like binary neutron-star mergers. We are also looking forward to the Virgo detector joining us later in the O2 run.

Virgo will be enormously helpful in locating sources on the sky, collapsing that ring down to a patch, but also helping us understand the sources of gravitational waves.

LIGO releases its data to the public. This open-data policy allows kurs fur binare operationen to analyze our data, thus ensuring that the LIGO and Virgo collaborations did not miss anything in their analyses, and in the hopes that others will find even more interesting events.

GW has its own page there. We encourage you to wander around the LIGO Laboratory web page where you will kurs fur binare operationen graphics to help you understand the Boxing Day observation, links to the press release, and pointers to scientific papers kurs fur binare operationen you would like to dig in even deeper. There you will also find links to the LIGO Scientific Collaboration website, and to our sister collaboration, Virgoboth of which are central to these scientific results.

Published in PRL Data release associated with the GW event. The "chirp" tones of the two LIGO detections are available for download. Formats are suitable as ringtones for either iPhone or Android devices. Instructions for installing custom ringtones. Detection Portal of the first detection of gravitational waves on Sep 14, The gravitational wave arrived at the two detectors at almost the same time, indicating that the source was located somewhere in a ring of sky about midway between the two detectors.

Knowing our detector sensitivity pattern, kurs fur binare operationen can add that it was a bit more likely overhead or underfoot instead of to the West or the East. With only two detectors, however, we can't narrow it down much more than that.

The two merging black holes in the Boxing Day event were less massive 14 and 8 times the mass of our sun than those observed in the first detection GW 36 and 29 times the mass of our sun. This allowed us to observe more orbits than the first detection—some 27 orbits over about one second this compares with just two tenths of a second of observation in the first detection.

Combined, these two factors smaller masses and more observed orbits were the keys to enabling LIGO to detect a weaker signal. They also allowed us to make more precise comparisons with General Relativity. Last but not least, the Boxing Day event revealed that one of kurs fur binare operationen initial black holes was spinning like a top! A spinning black hole suggests that this object has a different history —- e.

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