Transferring Bonds between RuneScape and Old School

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Bonds are items that can be purchased for real world currency, and traded in game. They can be redeemed to add RuneScape membership, spins or RuneCoins to your runescape account. How do I get a Bond?

You can either purchase them from the billing page, or trade some from the Grand exchange, trade with a fellow player in-game who owns a bond, or ask your friends nicely Does this mean I can buy membership with in-game wealth? Yes, because you can trade a bond from another player or the Grand Exchange, and then redeem it for membership credit.

Can I trade my Bond? Yes, when it is in the how to trade bonds osrs state. Players who buy their Bond from the website will be able to trade their Bond immediately. This 're-trade tax' is to reduce excessive merchanting and to act as a gold sink. You how to trade bonds osrs be able to convert your bond back to its tradeable state through the Bonds interface, how to trade bonds osrs it is free to redeem the Bond for membership, RuneCoins or spins at any time.

This allows you to redeem, convert or buy Bonds, and informs you of how many Bonds you currently have. How to trade bonds osrs I convert multiple Bonds at once? Yes, but you will only be able to convert Bonds that are in your backpack.

Can I redeem multiple RuneScape bonds at once? No, at the present time you can redeem one RuneScape bond at a time. Can I redeem Bonds from my bank? Bonds can be redeemed directly from either your bank or your how to trade bonds osrs.

Can I gift a bond to my friend? Of course — provided the bond is currently in a tradeable state. You can trade it for whatever you feel its worth or give it away for free. What can I redeem my Bond for? You can redeem the Bond in one of three ways: Will the amount of membership, spins or RuneCoins received by redeeming a bond ever change?

No, these are fixed conversion rates which will remain the same. Is there a limit on how many bonds I can have at a time? Will the bond set up a recurring subscription on my account? Bonds redeemed for membership will add 2 weeks of membership to your account, which will expire normally with no further charges incurred. What happens when the membership redeemed from my bond runs out?

Will the bond cancel my recurring membership if I redeem a bond for membership? Redeeming your bond for membership will simply add the extra membership credit to your account, and leave any recurring membership agreement active. Your next payment will be deferred, and you will only pay for additional membership when you have less than 3 days credit remaining.

Will I keep my loyalty rate or my loyalty programme bonus progress if I use a bond for membership? Yes, your loyalty rate and loyalty programme will operate as normal — if you have membership, they are unaffected. What payment methods can I use to buy Bonds? You can buy your Bond using a credit card or a PayPal account. What happens if I die with my Bond in my inventory? Bonds are protected on death and will stay in your inventory through to your resurrection.

If I redeem my bond for membership accidentaly, can I reverse my redemption for another choice like RuneCoins instead? No — once you have confirmed your choice, the bond is destroyed and cannot be retrieved. Bonds will not be introduced into OSRS, so if you purchase a Bond the in-game item will only be held by your main game avatar.

Won't this cause price crashes? I don't want my valuable items to lose their worth! While there may be some short-term fluctuation in item prices, Bonds will ensure a healthier game economy in how to trade bonds osrs long run. The lack of gold farmers injecting gold into the economy, along with the additional runescape gold sink from the how to trade bonds osrs on secondary Bond trading, will mean far greater economic stability for RuneScape's future.

How can I redeem my bonds for a RuneFest ticket? Please make sure you include the following information in your message: Number of tickets you want maximum of two. Your name and address for each ticket. Your account log-in name or email address for each ticket.

Your account display name how to trade bonds osrs each ticket. Preferred t-shirt size for each ticket. Registered Names and Trademarks are the copyright and property of their respective owners. Log In Sign Up Cart empty. Customer Feedback kyle This website is amazing They are the only website i will purchase my rs3 gold from. Always quick delivery and always very friendly. Did i mention the deals they give?!

I forsure recommend them to anyone. MyDude Amazing service on 07 gold. First time ever buying gold on any game and it was a pleasant experience.

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