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House of Commons Hansard of the 42nd Parliament, 1st Session. The original version is on Parliament's site. The word of the day was cannabis. There being no motions at report stage, the House will now proceed, without debate, to the putting of gerretsen trading options question on the motion to concur in the bill at report stage.

When shall the bill be read the third time? Madam Speaker, thank you for the opportunity to speak once again to my private member's bill, Bill C I would like to begin with a couple of quick thanks, and then I will address the substance of the bill.

I appreciate the efforts of all members of the committee, and I look forward to speaking to their proposed amendments shortly. I gerretsen trading options like to thank the nine witnesses who took the time to present constructive feedback to the committee for consideration. The witnesses represented a diversity of backgrounds, including women's advocacy groups, skilled trades organizations, and of course, Melodie herself, the welder in my community who inspired the gerretsen trading options.

I hope that all of them will continue to be part of the important discussions going forward and if my bill is passed, their voices will be a critical part of the development of an effective national maternity assistance program that reflects all areas of the labour market, including women working in hazardous jobs.

As today will be the last opportunity to speak to Bill C in the House, I would like to thank all members who have supported the bill from the beginning. Bringing forward legislation is one of the most important things that gerretsen trading options do as MPs, and I truly appreciate all members and all parties who took the time to get involved in one way or another.

As one final thanks, I would like to take the opportunity to thank a staff member in my office. I know that all MPs greatly value the work that our staff do. There is one individual, Mr. Steven Patterson, who works in my office who started working on this file when I was told that I had a private gerretsen trading options bill coming up very early gerretsen trading options.

He was still a fourth year student at Queen's University studying politics. He started writing this bill from his dorm room in residence. He worked with me when we were challenged on royal recommendation, and in gerretsen trading options opinion, put forward one of the smartest and best cases against royal recommendation that the House has seen, and further continued to work as this went through committee.

Patterson will be leaving me to go to law school, which was pretty much inevitable in the fall, and I want to greatly thank him for his participation in this. A warning to anyone out there who crosses paths with lawyer Patterson in the future, they want to make sure they are on his side because otherwise they will most likely be on the losing side. I want to provide some background on this issue, and then get to the committee's amendments. My goal with the bill was to address one of the barriers for women who gerretsen trading options to enter a so-called non-traditional job.

I believe that we need to level the playing field, so that women have an equal opportunity to participate in all sectors of the labour force. I am pleased to see that budget includes strong measures to do exactly that. Specifically, budget proposes to allow women to claim EI maternity benefits up to 12 weeks before their due date, which is expanded from the current standard of eight weeks if they so choose.

While there are some small differences between this and my original bill, this change introduces exactly the kind of flexibility that I and so many others have been advocating for with the bill. Budgetwhich was introduced one day before the committee began its study of my bill, obviously has implications for the future of Bill C Therefore, I support the committee's decision to remove the employment insurance provisions of Bill C found in sections 6 and gerretsen trading options, as with the passing of budgetthey will have essentially been addressed.

It is important to note that these changes leave the first part of the bill, the national strategy, essentially unchanged. The bill in its current form specifically calls on the Minister of Employment to develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure that pregnancy is not a barrier to a woman's full and equal participation in all aspects of the labour force.

To be honest, this has always been the most important part of the bill as the changes to EI were only ever intended to be gerretsen trading options first step and not a final solution. The strategy would give the government a proposed mandate to engage in broad consultations, and to consider more comprehensive and long-term solutions. The other amendments, such as adding greater emphasis on gender equality, gerretsen trading options also consistent with the goal and purpose of Bill C I support the decision of the committee, and I would urge all members of this House to vote yes gerretsen trading options Bill C at third reading.

I want to reiterate why I feel having this debate and developing a strategy is so important. Many of the discussions we have in this place and gerretsen trading options the country about equality in the workforce, as it relates to gender equality, specifically for some reason seem to focus on including more women as doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and politicians. While well-intentioned, these conversations often neglect the fact that many women want a career in other fields, including physically demanding jobs like skilled trades gerretsen trading options construction.

While the wages are gerretsen trading options, in many cases there is a shortage of labour to meet the demand. This skills gap would hurt Canada's competitiveness, but more important, it is an opportunity. In my opinion it is an opportunity for a win-win. We have the opportunity to get more women involved in skilled trades, and in lines of work that have a higher demand, and at gerretsen trading options same time we have the opportunity to fill these vacant positions that will be created very soon.

Finally, the national strategy proposed in Bill C is an opportunity to promote gerretsen trading options equality while addressing this very real economic challenge. Madam Speaker, I would like to thank my colleague for introducing this bill.

We have never doubted his conviction on this. My gerretsen trading options talked about a national strategy for all women.

We know very well that, here in the House, we can only legislate for women whose jobs are under federal jurisdiction, so it is clear that this bill will apply only to certain specific job categories. My colleague himself told the committee that he sees this as merely gerretsen trading options first step.

Is his underlying goal to provide real leadership as a way to help the provinces introduce their own preventive withdrawal programs? Madam Speaker, my colleague actually answered the question with her comments. This is a first step, and this is about engaging with the provinces. My objective here has always been to have a dialogue, to get the discussion going. It will never be the responsibility, gerretsen trading options no government would be compelled to have to implement the recommendations.

This has always been about a strategy. It has been about reaching out to the provinces, looking at the amazing model that Quebec currently has, and trying to have a broader discussion throughout the country as to how we can change the way that women are taken care of during pregnancy, so that we can better affect the labour market. Madam Speaker, this is absolutely the right direction that we should be going in for women if we want and expect women to get into non-traditional fields, so I commend the member on introducing this bill.

He gerretsen trading options done an excellent job on his research, and I am fully behind it. This bill would allow gerretsen trading options 15 weeks of maternity benefits before their due dates in many jobs, not just welders or working in a toxic paint factory but a variety of jobs.

When I was on maternity leave with my last child, I took a month off prior to the birth, because I was on my feet all the time and was having a lot of pain. Having that flexibility is really important. Currently, as the member stated, eight weeks are available prior to the birth, but 15 weeks is better because different jobs affect people differently, whether it is toxic chemicals, paints and solvents, or pesticides in the agricultural field.

All of those things have to be taken gerretsen trading options consideration. It does not necessarily apply only to fields involving toxic substances or fields of non-traditional work. Many people may work long hours while standing.

It could be gerretsen trading options person working at Walmart who works at a cash register for eight hours a day. Doctors have said that standing all day can also harm babies and cause slower growth. I commend the member for introducing this legislation. I sat on the human resources, skills and social development committee for parts of this bill, and I am concerned that the committee gerretsen trading options sections concerning employment insurance.

I know in budget the government included an additional 12 weeks rather than eight, but not gerretsen trading options 15 weeks, as the member put forward. I had gerretsen trading options explain to me that it is because a pregnancy may go longer. It is great to say that a pregnancy could go longer, but I know as a woman, as do others, that not a lot of pregnancies go longer than 50 weeks.

They are usually 40 or 42 weeks, and that is when the doctor gets involved and performs a cesarean section or induces delivery. A woman will not be pregnant for as long as was said to me, so I do not know why the government felt it was necessary to reduce it from 15 to gerretsen trading options weeks. I do not know why the government did that. That being said, there is a provision that can be taken into consideration, which is more of a red tape issue that will have to be dealt with.

Any person can take 15 weeks off in sick benefits. If a woman gerretsen trading options to take off those weeks, she could take up to 15 weeks of sick benefits. From reducing it from 15 to 12 weeks, the government has added an additional layer of red tape, because women would be required to go to Service Canada, present a doctor's note, and change it from sick benefits to maternity benefits. I gerretsen trading options really questioning why the government needed to reduce that. All it has done is put the onus back on mothers.

When women are expecting their babies, the last thing they should have to worry gerretsen trading options are financial concerns. They need to worry about preparing for the baby, making sure they have cribs and a bunch of other things, especially if they have other children. I wish the government had kept the 15 weeks, as the Conservatives and NDP supported in committee. However, it is 12 weeks in the budget. I support the 15 weeks, but, unfortunately, it was changed.

I sit on the status of women committee, where members talk about how they can make sure there is fairness and equity for women. A lot of it has to do with education and putting women in occupations that have higher earnings, but at the same time, we know some of those occupations are welding or construction jobs, things gerretsen trading options may put pregnancies at risk.

It is very important that women have that flexibility, and this is a great measure. We gerretsen trading options that preterm births can occur if women try to work right up to their due dates, as well as high blood pressure. At any time, what is most important is to always consider the baby and the mother as paramount in the decision as we move forward.

When we talk about women, we need to recognize that equality does work when we have legislation like the one put forward by the member for Kingston and the Islands. This is an excellent first step to job equality and equity for women. We have seen many women try to get into positions in the STEM fields, science, technology, engineering, and math.

If we want women to prevail, if we want women to have financial independence, having good-paying jobs is one way to do that. The government can assist with this by ensuring we have a balance between pay equity gerretsen trading options equality for women, as well as rights for families. This is a great opportunity. We also have to take into consideration that many mothers may have other children at home.

Having those 15 weeks, potentially, would be very good.

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