Lesson 1 - The Dark Side of Forex Trading

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Thursday, 12 April at Hi, My name is 'Boye. I'm a consultant and a full-time professional trader with over 4 years trading experience in the financial market.

I'm knowledgeable in all forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings of trading Forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings options,etc. I decided to specialise on this alternative form of forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings because of its simplicity and less risky nature. Before letting you in into the reason for this writeup, let me brief you about my earlier experience in the trading world. I didn't give up because I knew it was all part of the learning process. It did hurt, but I still refused to give up.

Humanly speaking, I ought to have given up, but I still pressed on. I know you are expecting another sad story. Sincerely speaking, I've had my own share of bad times in trading, even after the year that I made the big profit. Year was a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Saying I felt really bad is an understatement.

I knew forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings wasn't going to be easy because trading itself is not as easy as people or brokers paint it. But, one thing kept me going. Guess what forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings was. Trust me, apart from the potential capital gains in trading, I also had a genuine passion for it I still do. Coupled with that is the analytical and mathematical abilities which I possess.

Hence, I knew I had what it takes to be a successful trader. Thereafter, I decided trading was what I wanted to do for a living. Now, I can confidently say I'm a highly skilled professional binary options trader who knows the secrets most amateur traders don't know, because now, i make money on a consistent basis trading binary options.

Nevertheless, the remaining few of which I'm part of smile to the bank virtually everyday--Now, I earn over N, on the average every month! The reason for the failure is not far-fetched. It's basically because we the professional minority who make money consistently know what the majority who fail in trading don't know.

This boils down to the fact that there's actually a secret. And in case you've never heard this before, I would tell you now. I would tell you why. Trading is a zero-sum game, meaning the money you make in trading is not from the brokers but from the losses of other forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings.

Logically, if the amateurs that make up the majority know the secrets of the professional minority, there won't be any money to be made by the professionals again, because everybody would be making profits thereby causing brokers to shut down.

So, I am not here to reveal or sell my trading strategies to anyone. I won't even do that based on what i just said. My pay would be forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings commission from the profit I make for you. The question some of my potential clients ask me is, if you know you are this good at trading binary options, why trade for others instead of just trading for yourself alone.

I could remember my former Forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings Indian client asking me the same question. I want to make more money as a trader since trading is what I do for a living. Hence, the more capital I have at my disposable to trade, the more money I would make. It's simple and logical. So, have you made losses in the trading world before or are you looking for an avenue to grow your capital?

I'm aware that some people have had their accounts blown up by so-called account managers who promise heaven and earth. Trust me, your account is in safe hands so long I'm the one managing it for you.

And the good part is: I hope to hearing from you. Which broker do you use Binary. Personally, i recommend Binary. This is the best time to invest your money in binary options because you would always have your returns in dollars because your binary account is denominated in dollars.

And we all know the value of the dollar is rising against the naira in the parallel market. I joined a group recently. All indicators are developed for the group so you cant find them anywhere. Forex trading brokers in nigeria coatings group has really improved my trading. Here is a link to join if you are interested. You can share with friends who might be interested. But you will get all the tools to be profitable with binary options trading. I am new here but I have taking my time to go through thread and previous posts as far back as I can see people here are really really helpful and not the type that hoard or hide information for the benefit of others.

I need this knowledge too to break even. Thanks Iam a binary options trader and has assisted many learn the basics of trading. There's no shortcut anywhere, to be successful in binary. See you at the top. Hello please how Caan I contact you. We don't trade to impress we trade to satisfy Entry Closed April 4th,

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