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T is a complete forex training and consulting organization designed to turn newbies and current traders to professional traders, trading forex profitably. Our trainers are experienced traders with proven results.

Your web training package is rich and better than most of other stuff. Your training method is down to earth. I've been an active trader for about eight months forex seminars in lagos. I thought I knew how to trade by reason of the knowledge I acquired through some one and two days trainings I attended. This led to total loss of all my investment forex seminars in lagos I watched my account run down to the negative.

I had almost given up trading as the market began to dribble me. Whenever I buy a pair thinking it will go up, the market begins to go down immediately. Due to this experience, I stopped trading and began to think of another type of business. It was at this juncture I read about your forex seminars in lagos and the forex crusade package.

Sir, I want to confess that the account that was on the negative has turned positive again, the bank trading secret works like magic. You will never be ashamed in Jesus name". My story so far is this; I have attended a lot of seminars on forex trading that did not deliver at all.

Several times I tried calling those trainers but couldn't be reached. I thank God for this one week training. This is indeed more than my last bus stop. I've found a Trainer who is an active trader and can mentor me.

This is all I've been looking for. I know that before the next upgrade free seminar, I will come with testimony of pipsologies". The information is unique, I trade with confidence. The systems you packaged along with the training are simply money magic". You have opened my forex seminars in lagos a great deal. This has led to my speedy recovery from my loses. Now I make nothing less than pips daily with the bank trading secret. I look forward to attend the next upgrade seminar so I can share with my course mates my new experience.

God bless you sir". I received your newsletter and decided to try some of your web based packages. To my surprise, I just can't believe how loaded your web training is. The quality information those systems contained are mind blowing. Now the information has turned me to a better trader. Forex seminars in lagos have helped me profitably". Pastor SoyoyeSango Ota.

I started my journey into forex wilderness in Abeokuta [A 3days seminar]. Followed by another one at Ibadan. All they could offer was how to use market-order scalping. I did not know limit forex seminars in lagos stop order. I could not even determine the market trend. I did not know calculations in forex market.

I did not know how to generate my own entry and exit signals. But I started trading all the same and almost lost everything before I met pastor Praise. I was ignorant of many forex seminars in lagos. Whenever I opened my platform, I would only glue my eyes to the screen watching candlesticks.

I must confess here! Forex seminar organizers in Nigeria are doing good by introducing forex trading to business men, petty- traders, students, forex seminars in lagos. The reason is that forex market is not suitable for all investors.

I fell for such seminars but I thank God today that Pastor Praise Judah has remolded and refurbished my trading judgment and temperament in forex. I am using this opportunity to thank Pastor Mrs.

Joy Judah for being there for me. Trading forex is my delight. Forex is no longer a wilderness to me but a place to live. Now I determine how many pips I pick per trade and per day.

Thank you Pastor Praise".

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We are proud to provide a very comprehensive and professional training package that is very detailed and practical, with lots of hands-on experience. A great deal of painstaking expertise is deployed, to ensure that participants are fully equipped with all necessary tools of the trade. In his own words, " We are very confident that, by the end of the course, all participants will be fully ready to participate - confidently and profitably, in live currency trading.

They are making huge profits daily!. Join us to Celebrate the 10th year of our very successful years of Online Forex Trading Courses in Nigeria, by enrolling today at heavily discounted prices! The classroom course schedule is provided below: Courses are available by advance booking via email and telephone.

Our fees for various courses are as follows: This is available by prior booking, anytime at our office. Do not be fooled into paying anyone N20, or N25, This is some imposters are charging for what they call Forex Trading Course.

Their trainees are coming back to us for proper training 2. This is a 1-day intensive course covering all the start-up information you need. It is also available by prior booking, anytime at our office, or on the first day of any of our scheduled courses.

This is the full professional course - 3 days intensive course that fully equips you with all the techniques, strategies, software and tools you need to trade successfully online. We also give you free 3-months post-training support. Nobody else offers this in Nigeria and we have no agent or branch anywhere else in Nigeria. This 2 days intensive course, 9am - 5pm daily is for those who have already undergone the BASIC course and would like to become Fullprofessional forex traders.

All that is detailed in 3 above apply. It is available by prior booking, anytime at our office, or on the last 2 days of any of our scheduled Full courses. This is for those who cannot attend the classroom course. Students can take the course over a period of 1 month and interact with us via email, telephone and online trading discussion board.

This fee is deductible from the main course fees. Here is the recent statement of account on one of my trading accounts: Is there tangible evidence that this really works? As a live proof that the system really works, here is the recent statement of account on one of the trading accounts of Pastor Olubunmi Ajala, the Forex Professor: In a period of 2 weeks - 1st to 14th November , he had 12 trades out of which 11 were profitable.

This is a conservatively traded account, using simple strategies that he teaches to his newly trained students, to help them grow their account safely and steadily.

The most significant part of this achievement is that the results were achieved under stringent conditions, in between very tight work schedules. That such results could be achieved under these conditions is ample proof that a well trained and disciplined FOREX trader will be very successful. The testimonials of some of our former course participants also provide ample evidence of the quality of this course.

Frankly, I don't have time to self-trade. But I would like to energize my investment portfolio with some currency trading. How does a managed trading program work? A professionally managed Forex currency program can be structured in a number of ways. They usually require an investor to enter a written agreement with the management company which includes a maximum risk tolerance level.

Investors then deposit funds into a special account held at a bonded institution bank. Some programs even provide segregated accounts, insurance policies and trading audits to increase investor safety and peace of mind.

For more details, feel free to click to our managed-trading page or contact our office. Courses available on-demand every week.

Take advantage of our Specially Discounted Fees to participate in this great course, by paying not later than 5 days before the course.