Dynamic Oil Trading hails successful first year

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This focus on protecting the interests of shipowners and operators follows on from changes to the Singapore Bunkering Standard SS and SS in that aimed to prevent quantity and quality disputes. Key changes included the inclusion of the values of hydrogen sulphide and oxidation stability on the certificate of quality issued by the provider. Like in any market, you get what you pay for. This technology measures the quantity as the force of the fuel oil flows through vibrating tubes.

As well dynamic oil trading ceo lars moller ensuring the quantity of fuel delivered, using a Coriolis flow meter creates a more efficient and smoother delivery process between the bunker barge and the receiving vessel.

However, Mr Meyer believes the technology needs further development. The meters are not a plug and play solution and can be sensitive to external stress, vacuum and pressure pulsations, as well as pulsations in the fuel oil dynamic oil trading ceo lars moller come from nearby gear pumps and engines.

Dynamic Oil Trading was launched in The company is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally, with plans recently unveiled for the launch of an operation in Dubai and further expansion planned in Asia, Europe and the Americas. These measures also align the Singapore Bunkering Standards with the international ISO standard which is a benefit for shipping companies trading internationally, as it provides them with a consistent quality standard.

From an environmental perspective, it is certainly viable in meeting the impending regulations. However, there is much that needs to be done in terms of developing the infrastructure for LNG as well as setting standards that will ensure its safe supply. Many core bunkering skills are entirely transferable to the LNG sector.

In the short term, there is sufficient distillate to meet current demand and anticipated demand post, when the sulphur content limit of bunker fuel in ECA waters falls to 0. The greater unknown is the situation after orwhen the global sulphur limit falls from 3. Currently, most future refinery capacity lies outside of existing ECAs. Dynamic Oil Trading is finding an increasing appetite among its customers to hedge against bunker price movements during the tough economic conditions experienced by shipping at present.

The company helps them determine the most suitable risk profile and risk management instruments. Brian Thorhauge, global head of risk management at OW Bunker, agrees that there is a genuine level of uncertainty about future prices. For example, the impact of the US shale oil reserves could lower prices. However continued upturn and improvement in confidence within the global economy may see an increase in demand which will drive oil prices upwards.

Additionally, there are continued geopolitical risks, specifically the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, which can also have an impact. Mr Thorhauge says that shipowners and operators must work closely with their fuel suppliers to implement an effective strategy. This enables the provision of tailor-made solutions that are right for each business.

If those that operate in ECAs are not retrofitting scrubbers or converting to LNG, distillates remain the only option. A remarkable duo of shuttle tankers to be built for AET are becoming a test bed for dynamic oil trading ceo lars moller technologies allowing the burning of volatile organic compounds as fuel Ship owners will need to focus more on smart operation of their equipment as fuel challenges mount.

According to Niclas Dahl. Customers within the leisure cruise, naval and passenger ferry industries, are heavily reliant on co Taking place between the 10thth May, the conference welcomed high calibre dynamic oil trading ceo lars moller, delegate Subscribe to the print edition.

Suggest an event Your news Testimonials Editorial staff Advertise. OW Bunker has used Coriolis flow meters on their supply vessels worldwide for the past seven years. Share this article Facebook. Previous Article Next Article. AtZ add stabilizer repair and maintenance to their comprehensive portfolio of marine engineering solutions Customers within the leisure cruise, dynamic oil trading ceo lars moller and passenger ferry industries, are heavily reliant on co

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