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If you've never used Play before, download a starter project. The download play binary package projects have lots download play binary package comments explaining how everything works and have links to documentation that goes more in depth.

If you download and unzip the. Type the following at the prompt and it will run the starter project: Please see the documentationchat with the communityand check out the tutorials for more examples and blog posts! If you have sbt 0. Use sbt run and then go to http: Play has many features, so rather than pack them all into one project, we've organized many example projects that showcase a feature or use case of Play so that you can see Play at work.

Note that these example projects are not configured for out of the box security, and are intended to showcase particular areas of Play functionality. The Traditional Play Zip download play binary package a play command to create new applications, run tests, and run the application. Projects can be created from an example project or template, as described above. Check out the Play docs for installation instructions.

Is that what you're looking for? Your download will download play binary package shortly Play Download play binary package Starter Example. Play Scala Starter Example. Play Java Starter Example 2. Play Scala Starter Example 2. Play Java Chatroom using Websockets Example. Play Java Ebean Example. Play Java File Upload Example. Play Java Forms Example.

Play Java Streaming Example. Play Java Websocket Example. Play Scala Anorm Example. Play Scala Chatroom using Websockets Example. Play Scala File Upload Example. Play Scala Forms Example. Play Scala Integrated Slick Example. Play Scala Isolated Slick Example. Play Scala Secure Session Example. Play Scala Streaming Example. Play Scala Websocket Example.

Play Java Chatroom using Websockets Example 2. Play Java Ebean Example 2. Play Java File Upload Example 2. Play Java Forms Example 2. Play Java Streaming Example 2. Play Java Websocket Example 2. Play Scala Anorm Example 2. Play Scala Chatroom using Websockets Example 2. Play Scala File Upload Example 2. Play Scala Forms Example 2. Play Scala Integrated Slick Example 2. Play Scala Isolated Slick Example 2. Play Scala Secure Session Example 2.

Play Scala Streaming Example 2. Play Scala Websocket Example 2.

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