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To follow up on my last article I thought it would be useful to expand on the 3 Gap sequences I referred to and highlight some instructions that explain them. This is not always the case, some gaps can take a long time to fill or in rare cases never. It creates a space on a bar or candle chart that is called a gap where no trading has occurred. There are 3 types of gap in the sequence shown in the DAX cash chart; the characteristics of each gap are slightly different:.

This gap often happens at the start of a new move. In active markets such as the Dax it often occurs in the opposite direction to the prevailing move. The breakaway gap is not normally filled. Volume should back up the breakaway gap as volatility increases due to confidence in the move and wrong side trade stops being filled.

This gap always occurs in the direction of a trend and is by its nature half way through a movement. It sometimes fills completely, but more often is only partially filled. In a very strong move this gap can dax gap trading completely open. The measuring gap has useful forecasting qualities that I will explain below. This gap also always occurs in the direction of the prevailing trend. The nature of the exhaustion gap is that it fills very quickly, in most cases it will fill on the same day that it is created.

The measuring gap is known by this name on the basis that it can be used to measure the distance where the exhaustion gap will complete the sequence. The 3 gap sequence is of course easier to point out dax gap trading hindsight; however in many cases it should be obvious after the second gap, especially when the second gap remains open after a day or two. You dax gap trading follow this conversation dax gap trading subscribing to the comment feed for this post. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image.

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There are 3 types of gap in the dax gap trading shown in the DAX cash chart; the characteristics of each gap are slightly different: To calculate the target for a dax gap trading move: To calculate the target for a bearish move: Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

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More about the Hooper model here: The Hooper Weekly Equity Model bridges the gap between very short-term market letters and long-term market models. The Hooper Weekly Equity model focuses on the swing-trading time-frame several days to several weeks, which is a more difficult time-frame to master.

The Hooper Weekly Model works identical to the Daily, except that model recalculations are only made on Friday end-of-week rather than end-of-day. These levels point out the path the least resistance and are the prime-entry areas with defined risk. The first objective is labeled F. The secondary objective is termed R. The pattern remains in force until the R. We had done a study on the SPY a while back looking at prior year. This is very interesting. What time is the DAX model updated each day because the figures are the same as before the week-end.

Any pointers to further understand the Hooper Quant model would be useful. Here is the FAQ Good place for a primer. Hi there, I trade DAX on an intraday basis. Is this an applicable use of a subscription do you think? Hi JS, You get the idea pretty much. The Hooper model tilts in a particular direction until proven wrong. We post the cash DAX as a freebie to show how the model works.

The further out one waits for confirmation to enter a position, the more risk there is in the initial position. First Objective is F. Recalculate Objective is R. One could exit or wait for for the pattern for entry. Actually that is the 2nd buy pattern completion on the Cash DAX after flipping bullish The daily Hooper Model only looks forward a certain amount of distance.

Then when a pattern completes a new pattern is generated. The date of the Hooper pattern is in the lower right hand corner of the green box. The pattern stays in place until the upside or downside final target R. It stands for Recalculate Objective.

The Hooper model is only recalculated when the final upside or or downside target is reached after the close. I do not trade other instruments so please tell me how to get only this tool for the indicated period of time. Until you get used to them, think of the Buy level as a bullish Point of Control POC where its safer to buy dips then sell rallies. The Buy and Sell POC levels identify the path of least resistance and its always advisable to take partial profits at the first price objective F.

New Patterns are posted only after the Bullish or Bearish price objective is completed R. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email.

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