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It always depressing crikey mate trading options when the commercial media work to entrench the existing anti-democratic duopoly by marginalising everyone else: No sireee, not possible. Tell us more, Mulga! Were the Democrats in on it, too?? And it certainly suited the Zionist strategy of demonising Islam so that the Islamic states of the Middle East could be attacked and dismembered one by one. Therefore I see crime committed by Jews as crime, and the perpetrators as criminals.

You,on the other hand,like all good Zionists, exist in a world where Jews can do no wrong,under any circumstances. I see no need to resile from that. As for your stupid slur that mentioning the indisputable fact that Jews are the greatest contributors per capita in the US,and almost certainly here, and that they exert direct and undisguised pressure on political leaders in return, facts that can be found in the news almost every day, is Nazi propaganda, well, you are certainly plumbing the depths there.

I abhor all racism, xenophobia and cruelty inflicted on dispossessed and oppressed people, and therefore,I despise Nazism and Zionism and their apologists and supporters. And I cannot believe that I missed this other little beaut, regarding The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, lying camoflauged amongst your avalanche of racist bile and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories:. Great money handling skills. Keep it coming, sunshine. Crikey mate trading options any September 11 conspiracy theories, too? Was it really Bush who did it, or the Jews?

No, wait, I got it, it was Bush in accordance with the Jews! Quoting one observation from Henry Ford hardly makes him crikey mate trading options of my heroes.

He was, apparently, an anti-Jewish bigot,lumping all Jews together as if they were an undifferentiated mass,apparently because some Jewish businessmen had dudded him. I, on the contrary, understand that Jews are a diverse group, with good people and bad, and all that comes in between.

The worst, in my opinion, are the Zionists, Zionism being, I believe, Judaic fascism and racism in the service of colonialism, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. As for your ranting denial that Jews are a fabulously wealthy group,unparalleled in their wealth for such a small tribe although concentrated in relatively few hands, as is the capitalist norm in human history, and that they are the biggest donors, ie controllers of, political parties in the US, and, I suspect, here, and that they demand crikey mate trading options quid pro quo for their contributions, crikey mate trading options it is, in my opinion,ludicrous.

It is simply public knowledge, as is the establishment by Jews of numerous propaganda outfits that push Zionist disinformation,and which push Western policy towards conflict with Islam. And I did not say that Jews were behind all the wars, just the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan, where their influence was pushed by the overwhelmingly Jewish and Zionist neo-conservatives.

They were following the plans, on the public record so really hard to simply deny, of Oded Yinon The Zionist Plan for the Middle East and Netanyahu et al A Clean Break both of which outline a plan to attack and subvert all the Islamic states of the Middle East and break them crikey mate trading options into powerless statelets the better for Israel to dominate the region. And,of course, there are the wars of aggression that Israel itself launched, in,and, a pretty sordid record that it takes real chutzpah to deny.

Such tripe is also standard operating procedure for your hard-Left ideological mates, too when not throwing their politicl opponents into Gulags. You can even banish a language! Your brilliant thesis on Jews starting all the wars was also a Hitler favourite.

One suspects the soft-Left progressives and inclusive-minded people of this blog feel somewhat uncomfortable with such divisive views. Oh, duddette,the smears are so predictable, so time-worn.

Israel Shamir is a delirious read at times, but he is pretty extreme, and I suspect that he could be a propaganda stooge. After all can crikey mate trading options be anything more banal than denying Jewish money power, and the ruthless efforts that various members of these Jewish elites make in order to influence Western politics?

And we see the fruits of that bribery every day in votes at the US Congress where even the vilest Israeli atrocities, such as the deliberate massacre of innocent, defenceless, men, women and children, who could not even flee, in the concentration camp in Gaza, are supported by near unanimous votes.

Atrocities that in any sane, crikey mate trading options, polity would be condemned, are not even the subject of crikey mate trading options divided vote, but of near unanimity. And you have the effrontery to deny Jewish political control in the West? After all Jews do not represent a race but a crikey mate trading options faith. As I pointed out but you typically ignored, I judge Jews, as with non-Jews, by their behaviour, not their membership of any group.

And where I see racism, murderousness, brutality and sadism, I condemn it, whereas you, because it is committed by Jews, absolve them, vilify their victims and crikey mate trading options any who oppose the violence. As ever with Zionists and their apologists the projection is pathological. Whereas I and most anti-Zionists do not condemn all Jews, and have the highest admiration for peace campaigners in Israel and non-chauvinistic, anti-fascist and anti-racist Jews, it is the Zionists and their stooges who preach undifferentiated hatred, of Arabs, Palestinians and of Islam and Moslems, and who put that hatred into pitiless action in the genocides in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So keep it up duddette-your abuse is balm to my senses, the surest testimony to the truth of my positions I could wish for. Mulga has been burning the candles at both ends, studiously learning by rote the ingrained wisdoms of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion. Wow, these filthy theories from the days of Eugenics sure do look familiar!

And just as well. Their tentacles are everywhere! Your resemblence to the exact images and words of those Nazis who hated humanity so much as to try and burn it, is astounding.

Keep vomiting such vile racist theories onto these pages. Your stipend from Der Sturmer ought to be arriving soon. What a surprise that dudette is a Zionist denialist. To simply crikey mate trading options the dominance of Zionist money in our politics and that of the West as witnessed by the Bettencourt Affair in France is simply to deny reality. Slurs concerning anti-semitism, and comparisons to Streicher are putrid vilifications, but standard Zionist procedure. Other Jews, who are racial supremacists, terrorist murderers and apologists for terrorists, I consider wicked.

You can sense a Bob Brown interview psychically and can tell when to turn the TV on to catch a glimpse of him. Either that, or he thinks a crikey mate trading options sound bite from one of their senators on the news is comparable to the virtual forest of pages dedicated to pulling apart Crikey mate trading options policies. His continual resorting to ancient and racist canards further betrays his willingness to bathe in the cesspool of bigotry and hatred, flicking its filth around with about as much subtlety as a nazi propagandist.

The Greens are relentlessly attacked by the Rightwing media brainwashing gulag because they represent the risk of ideological choice in our deranged polity. The rulers of crikey mate trading options society, the same species as rule everywhere else in the West,ie the mostly hereditary,predatory and kleptomaniacal, parasite class, the people who own and control the mainstream media in its entirety, do not welcome any choice that might threaten their total control.

Naturally the FoxNewsLtd bedlam is psychotic in its determination and the rank hatred that emanates from its bowels. They ought not, I feel, fear the Greens. The German Greens are today a complete sham, a market fundamentalist rump representing middle-class Germans with no social conscience or policies left,just a desire to save the planet in order to save their comfortable, privileged, existence. Real environmentalists know that the greatest threat to the biosphere and human happiness is the cancer of market fundamentalist capitalism, which,unless radically reformed to the point where it is the antithesis of what it is today, or, better,done away with entirely, and replaced with a system that makes ensuring human survival on an ecologically stable planet its prime responsibility,will destroy humanity, and soon.

Failed former staffers like Graham Morris have had more regular appearances. Bolt even crikey mate trading options a Victorian Greens MP on his radio show not long ago. Tassie press is full of it. Hopefully the electorate will put them down humanely. After all, the Greens vote is closer to zero crikey mate trading options it is to either of the major parties.

Funny that your lot put so much effort into smearing them then. Confessions — was that directed at me? Instead of simply sniping and trying to bait, why not contribute meaningfully to the discussion. How do you propose overcoming the dearth of MSM discussion about the Greens policy agenda?

Jeremy What the Greens think about this issue is actually irrelevant because there is no way that they are ever going to be in a position to put their policies into practice. If you are so sure that they are the answer then why have you been so lax about renewing your membership to the party?

It really just goes to show that crikey mate trading options media is entirely Rightwing, as you would expect.

A similar situation pertains in the UK where The Crikey mate trading options is allegedly of the Left, but pushes virtually the same line in all matters as the other more luridly Rightwing rags. Fairfax gets away with it because their Rightists Sheehan, Devine, Szego et al, are balanced by a few other voices Gittins,Davidson, Manning who, while hardly being Leftwing, at least make sense. Thanks for the advice, Jeremy. So any help with the my request 8? Does anyone here seriously believe the Australian electorate will tolerate crikey mate trading options boat arrivals?

Someone put your hand up. Col only does vague sniping…anything else crikey mate trading options require thinking…and even then the results will be poor. It would be interesting to know how many boat people they would allow before doing anything to deter further arrivals. Bob Brown refused to say. Which welcoming electorates would they be accommodated in? Will the people smugglers be considered criminal or just thanked for their deliveries and sent back for more? Can anyone enlighten me? Crikey mate trading options just love policies the third option, advocated by the Greens, of gasp treating refugees humanely in accordance with the refugee convention with such precision and detail.

News ltd, esp the Oz have run a relentless campaign against labor government since day 1. But the other media, with less of an overt editorial line, should be promoting a real contest. Even on commercial grounds — a real contest sells more papers, surely. And Steven — the only way to change that situation over time is to vote for the alternative. Well, whomever you choose your vote in the house of reps anyway will most likely end up with one of the big two.

Fairfax Jul 7, Crikey mate trading options, those are not the only two options in real life The Age asks its readers which party's refugee policy they prefer, crikey mate trading options gives them. Mulga, this is gold! Man, what a freak.

And I cannot believe that I missed this other little beaut, regarding The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, lying camoflauged amongst your avalanche of racist bile and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories: In a kinda fascisty sorta way. You have… — Sought to decry multi-party democracy — Espoused the virtues of a one-party system Chinese totalitarianism being your preference — Repeated rabid Nazi-era crikey mate trading options of Jewish dominance: Jeremy Sear July 8, at 8:

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