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Learn the key concepts behind artificial neural networks. Discover how to configure a neural network and use that network to find patterns in massive data sets. Learn the role data plays in user-centered design thinking. Find out how to collect, analyze, and visualize information to solve customer challenges and build better design experiences.

In this weekly series, senior staff author explores front-end and full-stack coding concepts that every developer should have in their toolkit. Tune in every Tuesday for a new tip.

Learn how to work faster and smarter with Rhino, the 3D modeling powerhouse. Tune in every Tuesday for a new Rhino trick to speed up your 3D modeling workflow. Get the most out of Microsoft Project, with weekly time-saving tricks, powerful shortcuts, and reviews of cool hidden features. Learn how to get the most from the. NET ecosystem by choosing the right version, libraries, and framework for your project.

Get a weekly serving of photographic insight, instruction, and inspiration from photographer, teacher, and author Ben Long. Learn about patterns, services, processes, and best practices for designing and implementing machine learning using Amazon Web Services. Get two new management tips every week and learn to improve communication, increase motivation, deal with conflict, and build better relationships.

Use the principles of operational excellence to deliver more value; improve processes, products, and services; and increase and sustain your competitive advantage. Work smarter, not harder, with AutoCAD. Get photo editing techniques to help make your photos look better in just a few minutes. Chris Orwig shares insider tips for Photoshop, Lightroom, and more.

Get simple PowerPoint tips to make your slide decks look better and help your audience stay more engaged. Learn R on your lunch break. This weekly series reviews the language features, development tools, and libraries that will make you a more productive R programmer. Learn the fundamentals of HTTP. Get started with machine learning and the Core ML framework, and learn how to build your own custom machine learning model and integrate it into an iOS app.

Sometimes you need to experiment to grow as an artist. Explore new design ideas and illustration styles every Wednesday in Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory. Learn how to find and interpret data about key economic indicators, such as unemployment, GDP, and home sales, in order to make better professional and financial decisions.

Join LinkedIn Influencer Fred Kofman as he explains why we sometimes fail to fulfill commitments, and how to take steps to ensure that this pattern doesn't continue. Learn about practical techniques and tools that can help marketers better manage their time.

Got a couple of minutes? In these short videos, six LinkedIn Learning instructors summarize the key points of their courses.

Discover insider tips, tricks, and techniques that can help you work smarter with Blender, the powerful open-source software for working with 3D graphics.

Learn how to save time and ensure more accurate data by creating drop-down lists in Excel. From apps and accessories to Instagram, get a weekly dose of instruction and inspiration to take your mobile photography to the next level. Take more control over the style, layout, and even the user experience of your web designs. Get tips for creating more beautiful websites with CSS.

Improve your knowledge in supply chain and operations management, from strategic sourcing to supply chain security, one weekly tip at a time. Get tips, tricks, and insights to maximize your time, energy, and focus, in this weekly series for product managers. Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost takes you through Camera Raw, from fixing common problems to finding more creative uses for the program's nondestructive editing tools. Create faster, more reliable, and better-looking apps for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Get weekly iOS development tips to improve the way you code with Xcode and Swift. Learn tips on how to optimize using ZBrush. Ryan Kittleson explains how to use 3D form modes, hot keys, custom layouts, grids, stamp brushes, and more. Get a new 2D animation tip every Tuesday. Learn the tricks professional animators use to save time and create more compelling characters.

A collection of short Photoshop and Illustrator projects and creative effects from computer graphics guru Deke McClelland. Explore Linux—one tip at a time. Learn Linux core concepts such as virtualization, the Linux file system, file management, networking, and security. Get a new tip, trick, or troubleshooting technique for Revit every Tuesday.

This weekly series offers workflow enhancements, customizations, and shortcuts for both Revit beginners and seasoned users alike. Learn how to run Microsoft workloads in the Amazon cloud.

Transform the way you approach the tasks involved in video post-production. Get productivity tips related email management, streamlining your use of time, optimizing editorial processes, and more. Build a healthy financial life-one week at a time. Investment advisor Jane Barrett and financial therapist Amanda Clayman provide weekly personal finance tips.

Learn how to build a super-charged Excel spreadsheet to easily track any kind of data -from sales activity and inventory levels to household spending. I'm so very grateful. Like you are really invested in my experience, and want me to get as much out of these courses as possible this is the best place to start on your journey to learning new material. We've updated our terms and conditions now called terms of service.

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Learning Android Security with Dan Gookin. Preventing Turnover with Noah Fleming. Management Tips Weekly with Todd Dewett. Operational Excellence Foundations with Richard Chua.

Photo Tools Weekly with Chris Orwig. R for Data Science: Lunchbreak Lessons with Mark Niemann-Ross. Building Magento 2 Themes with Enno Stuurman. Economic Indicators Weekly with Jason Schenker. Time Management for Marketers with Ian Lurie. The Crux of the Course: Deke's Techniques with Deke McClelland.

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