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Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: July edited July in General. She lives in a friggin Ghetto apt building where they hang their wash outside to dry! Wow not only were these guys scammed but by some guy named Marcus living in the Ghetto Have a coke and a smile! July edited July Here is her Apt building that you can pullup in Google maps Somebody go visit her and ask what did she do with the money. My bet is she spent it on victoria secrets underwear Btw its apartment 4 go knock cherry coke binary options strategy 300 seconds her door!

Cherry Coke lives here!. Here from the past her posting I was able to locate her IP address used, it too points back to Singapore btw. Cherry Cokes IP address. Once a scammer always a scammer She is like a bad cold just won't go away lol As you can see she is back this time as a Japanese house wife which Bryan was able to find in google I would think pretty quickly lol I remember on BOD when she was beginning her investment service and she was promising just an insane return.

Compounded, that's an amount times the amount you initially invested thought obviously you'd run into caps eventually. Even if you're the greatest trader in cherry coke binary options strategy 300 seconds world, that's pretty sustainable.

Not to mention the pressure of dealing with other people's money. So it wasn't a surprise when I heard she was having issues paying back people some months later. Seriously I don't think she ever traded their money I think she straight up just stole it as she knew that she really could not trade at all as was proven with the Signalpush results cherry coke binary options strategy 300 seconds even able to get to the breakeven point and I am sure she tried.

I guess he should not do these things again now. The gift that keeps on giving, man she is a full time scammer now Guy says she lost all his money in under and hour must be a new method she is using haha! Screen shot at 3. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 1 1 Guest.

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