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The result may be a more profitable model. If you create several different ChaosHunter models, you can build an entire ensemble trading system that increases the probability of a correct trading signal.

So you let a neural net combined with a genetic algorithm chaoshunter trading options of indicator parameters do the work for you. We did exactly that and the result is the prediction at the top of the chart. This chart displays a neural net prediction at the top of the screen and an enhanced ChaosHunter version of the model developed using the same indicators as inputs.

In an chaoshunter trading options to possibly improve the model, we chaoshunter trading options the refined versions of the indicators from NeuroShell Trader using the export function on the Tools menu. We saved the data in a. If you are unfamiliar with ChaosHunter, it is a stand alone program that can produce readable formulas RULES from numeric data using genetic algorithm optimization. The formulas may easily be used as trading rules in NeuroShell Trader using pre-built ChaosHunter indicators.

What Happens in ChaosHunter? Setting up the model in ChaosHunter requires that you choose input values and math functions as building blocks for the formula. ChaosHunter has the final say as to which indicators and which functions constitute the formula that will meet the optimization goal.

ChaosHunter lets you choose model inputs from your data file. In the image below we chose to use a Trading Strategy optimization goal for the genetic algorithm rather than a statistical goal such as Maximize R-squared.

To insure that chaoshunter trading options prediction from the Trader and the ChaosHunter model would work in sync in a combination system, you would set up the prediction in the Trader for one period into the future.

Bringing the ChaosHunter Model in NeuroShell Trader If you wanted to take this method one step further you could select different functions in ChaosHunter in order to create an entirely different formula. Then you could combine the neural net prediction and the two ChaosHunter models into an ensemble system in NeuroShell Trader that says chaoshunter trading options buy if two chaoshunter trading options of the three are true and therefore increasing the probability of a correct signal.

When you choose the ChaosHunter Trading Signal indicator, the indicator wizard directs you to select the appropriate ChaosHunter model file.

The indicator then lists the data streams that appear in the saved model and you simply have to match them with data streams that are in the Trader chart. If you display the ChaosHunter model in the same chart chaoshunter trading options you created the original prediction, the appropriate data streams are already in the chart. The ChaosSignal indicator links the data streams from the formula to the data chaoshunter trading options the Trader chart.

Once you have added the ChaosHunter Trading Signal indicator to the chart, the trading rules are set up as follows: You have to copy the ChaosHunter. Mondays are our busiest days so it may take longer to receive an answer. If you call us, please give us your name and product serial number as well.

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Sebastian Fainbraun "I just played with the samples - what an amazing piece of software!!! Love the fact that I have an equation I can work with. I love Classifier and Predictor but can see how you can use this software to create a classification formula in Neuroshell Trader and save a lot of time.

Can't wait to start playing with my own data. Is the final release pretty much like this beta? I'm pretty used to the AI Trilogy interface and this software feels the same and while I would love to be critical, you guys have done a great job, especially with the samples and documentation.

The visualized formulas will give me different insights that I can use to develop other trading ideas, especially which data is actually important. Because ChaosHunter generates a rules based system, it can feed into NeuroShell, or potentially, other trading programs. Leonid Velichkovski "ChaosHunter is a very interesting and intriguing program.

While using it on financial markets, I've discovered a lot of new and interesting things. It allows one to peek inside the formula and analyze its internals. ChaosHunter opens up completely new aspects of the markets which I have never thought about using before.

Most interesting is that ChaosHunter creates formulas with no neurons, i. Formulas found by ChaosHunter turned out to be a real discovery on one hand and an unexpected simple solution on the other.

Thank you for your good work! Financial trading comes with substantial risk of loss, including possible loss of principal and other losses, even when using computerized trading methods, formulas, and systems. Success of a formula or trading method in the past does not guarantee or even imply success in the future.

The use of any trading system or strategy does not and cannot guarantee that you will make profits, increase profits or minimize losses. Additionally, trading results based upon hypothetical or historically-tested trading systems do not necessarily compare to results of actual trading. No hypothetical or historical trading record can completely account for the level of risk present in actual trading. There is no guarantee that your hypothetical trading results, even if tested against historical data, will produce comparable actual trading results.

In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical or historically-tested performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading system or strategy. You agree that you understand the risks. Turn your network into a super-computer with ChaosHunter 3. Privacy Statement Copyright Information.