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We are creating an extensive toolkit for anyone involved with running or supporting ICO's. Exact sales dates TBA. Live ONL A decentralized platform for video broadcast and remote consultation services. Exact sale dates TBA. AGAS A tokenized animation studio with an bsk commodity trading signals property management system. Care CAN A tokenized healthcare application.

Live AMI A ticket re-sale application for live music events. Exact sales date TBA. A blockchain-based digital vault for storing personal information. A smart contract platform for dispute resolution of real estate and automotive security deposits. A community-driven knowledge base for naturalized languages which enables easier human-machine interfacing.

A commodities marketplace and supply chain management system for the petroleum industry. A cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform offering third party exchange routing capabilities. A developer of consumer electronics that utilizes wireless energy transmission technology. A fantasy cryptotrading game, enabling players to earn in a competitive PvP system.

A token-based platform to invest and get investors similar to a stock market. An identity, compliance, and commerce platform emphasizing bsk commodity trading signals use and integrating multiple blockchains.

An online publishing platform that rewards users for contributing and curating content. A hybrid crypto exchange integrating industrial infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized network. A customised blockchain to democratize entrepreneurship by integrating digital startups.

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A medical record keeping service, allowing patients to store their own data offchain in an appropriate geographic domain and give access to doctors and specialists anywhere regardless of the payer network or EMR used.

A smart legal contract marketplace for legal professionals to sell services. A zero-knowledge health record storage platform with an anonymous query interface. An intermediary application that facilitates interaction between existing loyalty and discount programs. A software engineering incubator offering training and job placement for blockchain developers. A cryptocurrency emphasizing self-governance, long-term reliability, and portability across multiple blockchain protocols.

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A company focused on developing 3D help apps with Artificial Intelligence integrated. A ventures studio building blockchain applications for leading online publishers. A decentralized alcohol purchase and consumption platform, allowing users to share purchases across bars. A cryptocurrency using a direct acyclic graph structure and Spectre consensus algorithm to increase transaction capacity. A decentralized cyber-defense platform for bitcoin, ethereum and other public cryptocurrency network nodes.

A password and identity verification app with a biometric tool for login that doesn't share or store bsk commodity trading signals data. An end-to-end securities network for cryptocurrencies that enables the listing, exchange, and securitization of fixed income financial instruments. Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom. A telecom ecosystem enabling mobile network operators, phone users, and service providers to interact directly. A business intelligence service for residential construction market participants.

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A tech education platform that tracks and rewards software developers for learning new content. Decentralized private credit platform on Ethereum blockchain. A platform that links organizations that have information security needs with a community of certified cybersecurity penetration testers in an incentivized environment.

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We are building the first technology platform to bring a combination of trust minimal trade, decentralized contract execution, on-chain derivatives and asset backed bsk commodity trading signals issuance to public bsk commodity trading signals.

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The firm's depth and breadth of experience is unmatched. We advise clients at every stage of the oil and natural gas infrastructure development process, including pre-development, project structuring, development, permitting, construction, operation, expansion, continuing regulatory compliance, and ongoing transactional services.

Van Ness Feldman brings a deep bench and the breadth of experience, knowledge and resources to helping clients manage the complex legal, policy, and grass roots issues affecting the development, construction and operation of energy infrastructure.

We represent clients in rate, tariff, certificate, and enforcement proceedings at FERC; pipeline safety compliance and enforcement at PHMSA; energy transactions; state and federal environmental permitting and litigation; tribal consultations; energy import and exports, regulation of energy derivatives trading, climate change issues, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Van Ness Feldman assists clients in preparing open season documents, tariff changes, adoption notices, cost of service, commercial agreements in support of operations, and indexed and market-based rate filings. Each project presents unique challenges in financing, permitting, construction, political considerations, and stakeholder management. As a result, the firm brings an appreciation of multiple perspectives to the representation of clients in rate proceedings. Van Ness Feldman is respected as a forceful but fair advocate that can litigate effectively but also negotiate reasonable settlements of proceedings.

A list of our recent rate case successes can be accessed here. Van Ness Feldman has assisted natural gas clients for nearly 30 years in protecting their corporate integrity. The firm has over 40 attorneys whose practices focus primarily on federal energy regulatory compliance issues.

Van Ness Feldman has experience in all aspects of a federal energy compliance practice, from conducting regulatory compliance reviews, to helping clients develop compliance plans and training programs, to defending clients in FERC audits, investigations, and enforcement actions. Van Ness Feldman provides a full range of pipeline safety services for operators of gas and liquid products pipelines and LNG facilities.

Van Ness Feldman partners with pipeline personnel to help balance safety objectives and business and legal risk and protect and preserve legal rights. Backed by a strong litigation team, the firm also helps operators effectively respond to and manage administrative enforcement actions and, when necessary, litigation. LNG attorneys advise clients on various parts of the LNG value chain, including pre-development, project structuring, development, permitting, construction, operation, and expansion.

The firm also provides due diligence review for prospective lenders and investors, and offers a full range of transactional services. In addition to regulatory and transactional experience, the LNG team also provides strategic advice on public policy affecting LNG projects as well as legislative advocacy.

The Power of Collaboration. PHMSA partially stays enforcement of new safety standards for underground natural gas storage. DOT seeks input on impediments to transportation Acker Partner Washington D. Bagot Associate Washington D. Brown Associate Washington D. Buchovecky Partner Washington D. Christin Of Counsel Washington D. Deathe Paralegal Washington D. Farber Partner Washington D. Godley Senior Counsel Washington D. Greene Partner Seattle Gregory Junge Partner Washington D.

Kade Of Counsel Washington D. Karaus Associate Washington D. Kisielius Partner Seattle Lawrence Partner Seattle McBride Partner Washington D. Olenchuk Partner Washington D.

O'Neill Partner Washington D. Pincus Partner Washington D. Simon Partner Washington D. Smith Associate Washington D. Szabo Partner Washington D. Compliance Questions for Operators How will changing pipeline safety requirements affect America's growing domestic gas supply?

Implications for Pipeline Safety Pipeline Safety: Pipeline Safety Enforcement and Compliance: Alerts A Call to Action: Is the Export Ban on its Last Legs? Senior Energy Analyst Washington D. Senior Paralegal Specialist Washington D. Of Counsel Washington D. Energy Analyst Washington D. Senior Counsel Washington D.