Understanding Benchmark Oils: Brent Blend, WTI and Dubai

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Benchmark oils are used as references when pricing oils. WTI is probably brent crude dubai most famous of the bench mark oils. It is a light, sweet crude with an API gravity of That gives it a specific gravity of 0.

It comes from the Southwestern United States. Brent Crude, named after a goose, comes from the North Sea. The sulfur content is 0. Dubai Crude is light and sour, with an API gravity of 31 degrees and a specific gravity of 0. It is generally used for pricing oil that comes from the Persian Gulf. Dubai Crude is also known as Fateh. Its importance comes not only from its quality, but also from the fact that it was the only freely traded oil from the Middle East until recently.

This is not a specific crude, but rather is a weighted average of petroleum that comes from OPEC countries.

There are currently 11 different oils combined into the ORB. It averages an API gravity, with the present combination, of The change decreased the API and increased the sulfur content of the basket. Minas oil is also referred to as Sumatran Light and comes from the island of Brent crude dubai. It is a light, sweet crude. The API gravity is approximately 35 and the specific gravity is 0. It has a sulfur content of only 0. It is produced at a rate of approximatelybarrels per brent crude dubai.

Its value comes from the fact that WTI and Brent Crude are difficult and expensive to export to Asia and because it is of extremely high quality. Tapis has an API gravity of These are exceptional numbers, indicating that Tapis is very light and very sweet. Unfortunately, output brent crude dubai the Tapis field has been falling steadily since Brent crude dubai light comes from Nigeria and is a light, sweet oil. It has an API gravity of

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