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James ThorntonFebruary 23, So what other major changes are afoot? Regularly receiving Diverse Employer of the Year accolades, the organisation b&q trading manager interview rightly been lauded b&q trading manager interview a top employer, and is currently one of only eight organisations globally to have won Gallup's Great Workplace Award for the last three years. More than ever, my role b&q trading manager interview about adding value back to the business, not sitting in the background holding the rulebook.

It may come as a surprise to some that Bell is actually devoting a lot of her time on younger employees, specifically in training them up to deliver exceptional customer service. I'd rather we built a strong reputation as an all-ages employer, so all people are comfortable applying.

With more youth has come a commitment to spend a lot more on training. While it is something of a cliche for HRDs that a recession is exactly the time to invest in people, after moving to her current role at the end oflast year Bell introduced a series of staff initiatives with real teeth. In early three major training commitments were launched, plus a headline-grabbing monthly bonus scheme.

The training is based on externallyrecognised qualifications: And early results are impressive: All staff are eligible and there is no limit on the amount of training they can do. On the apprenticeship front, employees took part in This is paid monthly based on performance against KPIs such as sales, profit and cost savings. In theory, though, the bonus is self-funding, or if it is not, it pays for itself in a month.

With commentators still split on whether a 'double-dip recession' will b&q trading manager interview a reality this b&q trading manager interview, this admission is an acceptance she still has her work cut out this year.

The hard work started in the winter of when a headcount freeze was introduced, which is still on. Although it still leaves her with more than HR staff the retail HR team numbers 72; the store support office HR team is 20, with 45 in organisational development and three in the senior HR teamBell admits she would like to have more. We have assessed everything and asked ourselves whether what we are doing is properly focused and whether they are adding value. But even maintaining this, she concedes, will be difficult: These targets are arguably secondary to the broader director-level ambitions.

So does Bell fight a good corner in the boardroom? Corny as it sounds, b&q trading manager interview are a people business. It's the people who give customers their store experience and even if we are innovative in terms of product, other people copy us quickly, so a real differentiator is people.

Bell's relationship b&q trading manager interview Sutherland is clearly a close one, and in more ways than one: He's a great retailer, and is very keen to impress on me that HR needs to continue to innovate - this is not just about turning the handle. While this was before her time, Bell makes it clear it won't happen again: The now infamous initiative, at the launch of the East Kilbride store in Scotland, caused the retailer - as well as staff - a lot of embarrassment.

Bell explains it was a case of an idea that should never have become customer-facing. And while 'Muppetgate' also happened before she joined, she is keen to impress that today's tactics are firmly focused on performance and inclusivity. People should never be put in a situation where they are embarrassed at work and so our focus is much more clearly on results. So what next for Bell and her staff at Britain's biggest home improvement retailer? Well, it will be about retention rather than recruitment, as "there won't be b&q trading manager interview lot of new stores opening", she says.

The emphasis will be on "maximising the value" at existing stores. Bell does not see drastic changes but measurement of customer service levels will be one major addition. Striking this balance b&q trading manager interview customer service and staff satisfaction is always going to be a tricky one, especially in a still-hostile retail landscape. The Gallup results have set the bar high and 's results will be compiled soon.

However, it is a challenge Liz Bell clearly relishes. Personnel controller, Duty Free Shoppers HR manager, head office and distribution, Wickes HR manager, Waterstones Retail operations and HR director, Jaeger and Viyella Travel, cinema, ballet and reading.

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