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Tough times The land seizures and, more recently, assaults on industrial plant when owned by Zimbabweans suspected to be backing the opposition by gangs armed and trained by the government have turned the economy on its head. The drain of the long-running war in Congo has also taken its toll.

Inflation is now at Meanwhile, interest rates are kept artificially low, meaning Zimbabweans are investing in buildings, other concrete assets and the stock market blazepoint trading options try to retain the value of what money they have.

But the surge disguises massive disinvestment by foreigners. The outcome how to open forex trading account in singapore the presidential elections in Zimbabwe to be held on March 9 and 10 is crucial to the future of the country and of the entire southern African region.

Zimbabwe stands on the brink of a catastrophe and the international community must act to prevent the total collapse of the rule of law and avert a humanitarian crisis in the region. A volatile mix of factors renders the current situation in Zimbabwe highly dangerous. Should Blazepoint trading options Robert Mugabe declare himself the winner of the March presidential elections, in the face of clear evidence of vote rigging and subversion of the electoral process, these elements risk causing an explosion with devastating consequences.

Over the preceding months, President Mugabe has erected a highly repressive system of governance in Zimbabwe. Using mob violence, he has created an atmosphere of fear throughout blazepoint trading options country.

Using his power to install hand-picked judges in the place of those forced out by intimidation, he has ensured judicial support for his policies. Using his control of Parliament, he has forced through blazepoint trading options that undermines basic freedoms of speech and assembly and effectively prevents any expression of criticism directed at the government.

In particular, the recently adopted Public Order and Security Act blazepoint trading options criminal sanctions for a variety of forms of peaceful political dissent. All available indicators demonstrate that popular support for President Mugabe is low. Recent polling shows that the vast majority of Zimbabweans do not wish him in office for another term. In spite of increasing political violence, there is still a high expectation that peaceful change blazepoint trading options occur in the country, through the democratic process.

If the outcome of the election is perceived as unfair, there is likely to be deep frustration among the population and this frustration may be expressed through violence. Protests and expressions of dissatisfaction are also likely to be met with increased government-sponsored violence. Moreover, the subversion of democracy in Zimbabwe will likely influence other countries where democracy is under threat, such as Zambia and Malawi.

Zimbabwe's economy has been devastated and famine is imminent. A severe drought has already ruined most crops in the south and threatens those in the north of the country. Thousands of starving people may soon be forced to move into neighboring countries in search of food. The international community must recognize that this combination of factors threatens not only Zimbabwe, but also the entire region.

In addition, destabilization will have extremely negative consequences for investment in southern Africa, damaging the economies of many states. In Zimbabwe, very real fears are already being expressed about vote-rigging and subversion of the electoral process. If the election is seriously flawed, it is imperative that the entire international community respond immediately and all states refuse to recognize the results.

African states must take the lead in speaking out clearly to condemn any failure by the Zimbabwean government blazepoint trading options afford its people the right to choose their leader through free and fair elections in accordance with national, regional and international norms and standards. The United States must use its power and influence in Africa and with its allies around the world to assist the Zimbabwean population in averting a human rights and humanitarian calamity through observance of the democratic process and restoration of the rule of law.

ARI Ben-Menashe, the man at the centre of the alleged plot to assassinate President Mugabe, says his close friendship with the President goes back a few years.

Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC leader against whom the allegations have been made, was on Monday charged with high treason. If found guilty he could be hanged or sentenced to blazepoint trading options in jail. Ben-Menashe flew into Harare last week amid fresh revelations of his involvement in dubious deals with the Zambian government of the former president, Frederick Chiluba.

Asked whether Mugabe was a friend of his, Ben-Menashe said: Asked what type of work he did for Mugabe, Ben-Menashe said: Asked whether Mugabe was a good man to work for, he said: Meeting him is always a great pleasure because. Ben-Menashe secretly video-taped a meeting he held with Tsvangirai, allegedly plotting blazepoint trading options assassinate Mugabe. Blazepoint trading options has emerged that Dickens and Madson, the consultancy firm in which Ben-Menashe blazepoint trading options a director, was working for the government when the MDC hired it.

Tsvangirai says the MDC cancelled all dealings with the company when they discovered it was working under the direct instruction of Nicholas Goche, the Minister of State Security, and George Charamba, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity. Charamba has denied the allegation. Bill Blazepoint trading options, the host of the programme, said: Asked if his relationship and meetings with Mugabe had been secret, he said: Ben-Menashe said Tsvangirai did not know that he had an association with Mugabe.

He knew that in the past there was a relationship. Ben-Menashe said Mugabe was a victim of British neo-colonialism. I say hold on a second. Ben-Menashe refused to disclose the amount paid to his company by the Mugabe government over the years. THE MDC blazepoint trading options challenging the banning by the government of its blazepoint trading options key campaign rallies scheduled for this weekend in Harare and Bulawayo in unclear circumstances.

Addressing journalists soon after meeting the heads of observer missions in Harare yesterday, Tsvangirai said the police had written to the MDC advising them they could not hold their rallies blazepoint trading options both venues because Blazepoint trading options would be using them. Innocent Chagonda, the MDC lawyer, is expected to file an urgent chamber application in the High Court today, challenging the decision.

A week ago, blazepoint trading options police refused to sanction the Bulawayo rally arguing that Zanu PF had already secured the venue. There have blazepoint trading options reports that he suffered a mild stroke recently. Punching the air with his clenched fist, he said: Wait and see, come 9 and 10 March, this fist blazepoint trading options going to beat Morgan Tsvangirai and he is going to roll 78 times.

Mugabe predicted he would win the election. He spoke at Domboramwari in Epworth to thousands of people from Epworth, Mabvuku, Tafara and the surrounding suburbs. Mugabe launched what has become his customary attack on the British government and Prime Minister Tony Blair. He said the money was for self-help projects in Epworth, Mabvuku and Tafara. He did not clarify whether all residents would benefit or it would be restricted to Zanu PF supporters only.

Zanu PF did not win a single Harare seat in the parliamentary election in Mugabe admitted the country was short of food and was having to compete with other countries in the region to buy maize and maize-meal from South Africa. Mugabe evoked memories of the liberation struggle as he appealed to the people to vote for him. He pleaded with them to reverse the parliamentary election result which almost toppled his blazepoint trading options from power.

What is wrong with you, sons and daughters of the soil? They went into hiding after the group descended on the school between Thursday and Monday. A shaken Undenge, 37, who has been at the school sincesaid yesterday: They accused us of being MDC supporters.

They demanded that we leave the school immediately. We defied them and remained at the school. On Saturday, Undenge said, while he was at Ngorima business centre, Mutisi threatened to kill him if he continued to defy his orders to vacate the school premises.

I refused and then they proceeded to stone the house shattering all the windows. They subsequently arrested three MD youths. A policeman blazepoint trading options Chipinge police station confirmed the incident and said blazepoint trading options were underway. THE government has tried very hard, but in vain, to blazepoint trading options a sceptical world that its campaign of harassment against the MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has little to do with the prospect that he could blazepoint trading options President Mugabe in the presidential election.

But to many Zimbabweans, the depths to which the government have now sunk can longer be considered ordinary. Charging the man with high treason, which carries the death penalty, ought to be absolutely the limit of their aberration. The key witness will be this man, the year-old Ari Ben-Menashe, whose company, Dickens and Madison, made the clearly doctored video film on which this entire case will be built like a house of cards.

As comic opera, it would probably win some prizes, but as a serious attempt to punish a citizen who cold-bloodedly planned to assassinate his then year-old head of state, dogged by ill-health for years, it would be laughed out of any court, even in Zimbabwe.

Ben-Menashe, the key witness, is a man with such a fascinating past of dubious exploits he would fit in snugly into the essence of the comic opera.

Tsvangirai would be blazepoint trading options martyr, a man persecuted for doing no more than his duty as a loyal citizen of his country -trying to give the people a chance to choose an alternative leader.

One suspects that even the police detectives instructed to bring this case to its logical conclusion are a bit bemused: The rest, for a man apparently schooled thoroughly in the cloak-and-dagger business of bluff and double bluff, was almost routine. They set up Tsvangirai. He did not portray himself as a witness determined to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. But a word of warning to the government: The underdog in this election is Tsvangirai and he is already a martyr. NOT so long ago I expressed fear and trepidation at blazepoint trading options mere thought of a Zanu PF victory in the forthcoming presidential election.

In my analysis, I blazepoint trading options a very bleak future for the country if the ruling party won the election. It is, therefore, only fair to proffer an analysis of the implications of an MDC victory. I am sure if the MDC won the March presidential poll a lot of people employed by non-governmental organisations would lose their jobs.

Indeed, it would be a lonely world blazepoint trading options advocacy if Zanu PF suddenly disappeared from the limelight. Of course, this is only light talk because even if the ruling party and President Mugabe are not re-elected, the nation will have to engage in the onerous task of rebuilding itself.

Of those 30, only eight can be removed by virtue of ceasing to blazepoint trading options provincial governors. Of course, he may choose not to have provincial governors which may result in a scenario which I am neither willing nor able to analyse because of constitutional complications arising from requirements on the number of MPs sitting in Parliament.

If he chooses to appoint provincial governors he would then have to ensure that he commands the support of the 10 chiefs who are Members of Parliament blazepoint trading options that his government can pass laws and budgets effectively. Blazepoint trading options order to circumvent complex political manoeuvres, the MDC may opt for an easier but more controversial option - the dissolution of Blazepoint trading options.

In terms of section 63 of the Zimbabwean Constitution, the President may at any time dissolve Parliament subject to other sections of the Constitution. Firstly, the new President can then within six months call for a new parliamentary election, which could see the Blazepoint trading options gaining more seats.

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