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Like bing maps web services you can use in ArcGIS, there is bing maps data to store or manage locally. Instead, your map or globe accesses the Bing Maps server directly. The Bing Maps services include the following: You need to bing maps a license key directly from Microsoft to use any of the basemaps in the Bing Maps collection.

It provides one meter or better satellite and aerial imagery in many parts of the world bing maps lower resolution satellite imagery worldwide. The service will be added to your bing maps inside a basemap layer to provide you with the best performance. The Bing Maps web service projects on the fly and can bing maps transformed to match your data precisely in the usual way like any other data source.

Bing Maps source information is available to you so that you can display it in your printed or exported map. When you work with the Bing Maps in data view you will see an icon located in the lower right corner of the data frame.

Clicking this icon opens a separate window that lists source information for all service layers, including Bing Maps, currently turned on in your data frame.

Once you export the data frame, or switch to layout view, the icon is replaced with the realized text of the service layer attributions. You cannot move or change this text. However, you have the option of replacing this text with the Service Layer Credits dynamic text element.

When you initiate this dynamic text element the realized text in the data frame will no longer display. You can work with the Service Bing maps Credits dynamic text element in the same way you can work with other dynamic text elements and position, resize, and change the text symbol as you see fit.

When working with Bing Maps, you'll see the Bing logo in the lower left corner of the map. The logo is bing maps permanent part of the Bing Maps image.

You cannot remove it. If you open a map, globe, or layer file containing Bing Maps when you are not connected to the Internet, or if Bing Maps is not accessible for any reason, you'll get a message that the service cannot be accessed. If the login dialog box appears at this point, click Cancel.

The map, globe, or layer file will open, but the Bing Maps bing maps will be broken shown in the table bing maps contents with a red exclamation point indicating that the server can't be accessed. You can't repair a Bing Maps bing maps by clicking the red exclamation point.

You can still work with the map or globe in the normal way, but to get the broken layers to display, you'll have to close the map or globe, reconnect your machine to the Internet, then reopen the map or globe. When you reopen the map or globe, you'll be prompted to log in again. These services are all tile based, which bing maps that what you are actually retrieving from the bing maps when you draw the service on a map is one or more image bing maps.

These services provide tiles at a fixed set of scales. As these tiles have already been created and stored cached on bing maps server, the bing maps performance of these services is very good. When you use Bing Maps in an application like ArcMap, you are not restricted to working at those fixed scales: The resampling algorithm ArcMap uses will give you good-looking results. If you want to see what the display looks like without any resampling, you can right-click one of the Bing Maps layers and choose the Zoom To Nearest Cache Resolution command.

This will automatically zoom your map in or out to the fixed scale supported by the Bing Maps service that is nearest to your map's current scale. This can have the effect of sharpening your map display if it looked a little bing maps due to resampling, in much the same way as the Zoom To Raster Resolution command sharpens your image when working with a raster bing maps. For more information, see Using cached web map layers.

If you look on the Layer Properties dialog box Cache tab, you'll notice that bing maps Keep the cache bing maps sessions option is unavailable. When you open a map that contains Bing Maps, you can be sure that you'll be seeing the most up-to-date content from Microsoft, such as recent additions to the Aerial layer or updates to the Road layer, because the image tiles will be retrieved from the server instead of being read from a local cache of tiles stored on your machine.

Bing maps GIS for Desktop.

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Microsoft has misplaced Melbourne, the four-million-inhabitant capital of the Australian State of Victoria. The co-ordinates are right save for one important detail: Melbourne is at Bing's therefore put it in the wrong hemisphere. The Register 's Australian outpost has tried searching for a few other major cities in Victoria and beyond and believes this is an isolated and probably-fat-fingered error. Bing's not alone in finding Australia hard to navigate: Apple Maps also sent those looking for the remote city of Mount Isa to an even less hospitable and more remote part of Australia's great inland deserts.

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