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When you start the program it will run you through a wizard. The wizard will ask binardateien com all the necessary questions to setup the database transfer. In the first step you are asked to supply the file name of the Microsoft Access Database to convert. If your Access database requires you to log in you can specify a user name, password and a system database.

The destination database and MySQL server connection settings are specified as shown below. You will have the choice of placing the result in binardateien com dump file instead of transferring it directly to another MySQL database. MySQL connection and destination settings.

You can specify exactly which tables you want to transfer to binardateien com destination database. Just binardateien com the box in front of each table name you want to transfer and click next. Selecting the tables to transfer. Additional transfer options can be set in the dialog shown below. You can binardateien com select not to transfer any records.

This will only create binardateien com tables in the destination table and leave them empty. When creating the tables in MySQL the program can preserve the default values specified in the Access field definition.

Also auto number properties of binardateien com field can be transferred if you check the Auto number properties box. Setting advanced transfer options. After answering all the questions in the wizard you can press Finish. The transfer will now run until all the selected tables are transferred.

When binardateien com transfer is done you will see a small report telling you how much data was transferred. You can download the latest binardateien com here. After downloading the setup program you should simply run it to install the program. While our product offers a lot of functionality for free there is a commercial alternative. The commercial program has even more functionality but it comes at a small cost. We are an affiliate of DMSoft and if you buy any of their products then you binardateien com support our efforts to product great free software.

Version history Binardateien com Feed. Transfer data directly from one server to another. Create a dump file. Select tables to transfer. Select fields to transfer. Transfer password protected databases. Supports both shared security and user-level security. Optional transfer of indexes. Optional transfer of records. Optional transfer of default values in field definitions. Identifies and transfers auto number field types.

Easy install, uninstall and upgrade. MySQL connection and destination settings You can specify exactly which tables you want to transfer to the destination database. Selecting the tables to transfer Additional transfer options can be set in binardateien com dialog shown below. Setting advanced transfer options After answering all the questions in the wizard you can press Finish.

The settings of binardateien com wizard can be saved in a. Installation You can download the binardateien com version here. Your programme was so simple and intuitive that I wish I'd discovered it months ago, instead of messing around trying to set up direct interfaces with MS Access.

Thank you so much! More functionality While our product offers a lot of functionality for free there is a commercial alternative. Fixed problem with backslash in source tables. Sets a zero byte in empty required binardateien com fields. Handles tables where indexes cannot be read. Support for table names with double spaces. Specify a table name prefix for destination tables. Fix for running unattended. Digitally signed setup and executable. Auto commit can now be disabled to increase performance on transactional database engines.

Support for complex Access datatypes: The program no longer fails if the database contains linked tables. Ini files are no longer case sensitive. This is a change from 0 and 1. Empty strings are now transferred as a zero length string instead of a NULL value. Reads precision and scale from the source field. Connection database parameter removed. Both shared security and user-level security is supported.

From this version all fields are copied if none is selected. This lets the program react to changes in the original schema. Data type 'Simple' is now supported. You can now save the wizard settings without running the actual conversion. This server version requires a reference to an existing database when connecting through ODBC. Fixes boolean fields with no default value. This error was introduced in 1.

Handling of empty binary fields fixed. When selecting a dump file in the common dialog it didn't set the value binardateien com the wizard. Support Forum Support Form.

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