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With no let-up in the calls, Sachin also had a firm suggestion: Abhi best brokers in navi mumbai invest karna shuru karo Do not get scared. This is the time to start investing. From the level the markets had risen to, it is a better time now. I tell them to not invest all the money in one go. Personally, she adds, the two of them try to remain unaffected and, with time, have become habituated to the ups and downs of the stock market.

Having met through a relative and subsequently got married, the two set up the office in Both postgraduates in finance, they had been working in the finance sector earlier. While Sachin is a registered sub-broker with brokerage firm Sharekhan Limited, Khushboo assists him and provides other financial services, including mutual funds and insurance.

Their day begins much best brokers in navi mumbai the opening bell of the stock market at 9 am. While Khushboo prepares their tiffins and readies their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter for school, Sachin checks the performance of the Singapore NIFTY, which opens earlier due to the time difference, looking for any global indicators that may impact the Indian stock exchanges.

On the minute drive from home to their office, after dropping their daughter to school, Sachin and Khushboo discuss the possibilities for Indian markets in the day. Once they reach office at around 8.

Apart from TV for real-time updates, like announcements by the Reserve Bank of India, policy changes, and results of companies, the couple tracks in-house Fundamental News and Analysis reports, which they get best brokers in navi mumbai Sharekhan every day.

Their busiest hours are the 90 minutes after the market opens and before it shuts. This means that for him, lunch is usually only after the market shuts at 3. Even after the busy period, Sachin continues to fields calls from customers, asking him to buy or sell stocks on their behalf. On big days like the Budget, clients are usually wary and impatient, he adds. His work, Sachin says, is as much best brokers in navi mumbai about battling perception as it is of advising clients.

I hope to change that with my clients. It is about creating wealth for them in the long run. The couple get a brokerage sharing on the clientele they get and the trading done by the clients. Sachin says that higher the clientele and trading done, the higher the brokerage. Now, they are also experts on their own.

Khushboo says that the difference between smaller brokers like them and the bigger ones is the customer base and the risk appetite. While brokers like us usually have risk-averse clients. Work at the office ends at around 5. Then, the couple head out to market their services by setting up stalls at public places like nearby corporate offices or railway stations or attend customer calls.

To break the stress of the day, Sachin best brokers in navi mumbai, he walks from their first-floor office to the 10th floor of the building. After a point, one gets habituated to the work so it does not cause much stress. The couple reach home around 7. Home India Taming the bulls: Written by Sadaf Modak Updated: February 18, 9:

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This is the initiative to bring such brokers in notice to all our prospective buyer not to deal with them and if dealing then be cautious. Today This Week This Month. Nevertheless, nice to have such information. I am interested know Agents…who have good stock and trustworthy.

Comment Quote Like 0. Recently i booked one flat through broker. I liked the location and also got it withing my budget. So i gave booking amount to get all relevant papers to verify with my advocate. I believed agent and booked. Later found some technical issues in papers: Agent was from Kharghar. If anyone interested to know the details of agent then email me ispan2s yahoo.

Comment Quote Like 1. There are builders who are committing frauds these days. My experiece with this broker Ravi Pathak owner of Bright real estate consultant, Kopar khairane, nai mumbai. I had rented a flat from him in Nov with Rs. I vacated the flat upon his request 3 days prior to my agreement tenure, but had to wait for 2 months to get partial deposit money.

He didn't even paid the full deposit and deducted one month rent at the end of contract, when i agrued he started giving some really dumb , non sense and vague answers like i did not pay rent in advance, but my agreement clearly says it was advance payment.. I paid all his rents in CASH and thats where i made a dumb mistake. Dont deal with him and if you have to have a deal with him He can't be trusted even for a cash transaction of thousand rupees.

Fraud agents at Kamothe. Beware of two fraud agents at Kamothe - Mr. How take back the commission paid to them before finalise of agreement.

Even Ravi Pathak Bright real estate consultant, kopar khairane cheated me also by not giving the deposit amount. Need contact of a reputed real estate agent in Dehradun. Real estate price are coming down in navi Mumbai. Subscribe to this thread to get latest updates.