Installing the AWS Command Line Interface

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In my last post I demonstrated how to build a minimal Docker image for the cron-container. All in all this approach works pretty well for the described use case. Following this road I wanted to use aws-cli for periodical AWS infrastructure updates. The aws command line tool is implemented in Python which needs to be installed inside the awscli 11436-1 binary. I found the python base images which provides the interpreter but comes with a massive overhead.

The container became kind of huge for a simple script the python: Searching around pointed me to Pyrun - a static linked Python binary of 11mb size. Missing dependencies needed by Pyrun Openssl, zlib, SQlite, bzip2 can be installed with the help of the opkg. So far so good. I was able to tweak curl to run without the --insecure parameter by adding --capath pointing to the CA certificates those are provided by the ca-certificates packages awscli 11436-1 binary can be installed with opkg.

So I started to build my own base image providing all the necessary CA awscli 11436-1 binary and libraries needed for Pyrun. Busybox is the best approach to implement small Docker base images I know please point me to alternatives. How to build a Docker base image from scratch? Lets have a look on a Dockerfile that does nothing but setup the basics:. It all starts with the creation of the root filesystem.

Busybox can be configured and compiled with the help of the Buildroot toolchain. Ideally awscli 11436-1 binary will be done as part of a container build. Here are the steps to create the filesystem as part of a docker build command:. Please have a look at the run. The rest is a piece of cake. There might be some limitations due to the nature of Pyrun. I didn't tested tools other then aws so far. If you awscli 11436-1 binary some experience in using Pyrun, please drop me a line.

Seine Arbeit als Softwareentwickler umfasst Projekte von low-level Kernel-Treiber Implementierung bis zu objektorientierte Programmierung mit verschiedenen….

Seine Arbeit als Softwareentwickler umfasst Projekte von low-level Kernel-Treiber Implementierung bis zu objektorientierte Programmierung mit verschiedenen… Mehr Lesen

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Many parameters are simple string or numeric values, such as the key pair name my-key-pair in the following example:. Strings without any space characters may be quoted or unquoted. However, strings that include one or more space characters must be quoted. Use a single quote ' in Linux, macOS, or Unix and Windows PowerShell, or use a double quote " in the Windows command prompt, as shown in the following examples. You can also use an equals sign instead of a space.

This is typically only necessary if the value of the parameter starts with a hyphen:. This section describes some of the common parameter types and the format that the services expect them to conform to. If you are having trouble with the formatting of a parameter for a specific command, check the manual by typing help after the command name, for example:. The help for each subcommand describes its function, options, output, and examples.

The options section includes the name and description of each option with the option's parameter type in parentheses. Strings that contain whitespace must be surrounded by quotes. Use of symbols and whitespace other than the standard space character is not recommended and may cause issues when using the AWS CLI. Some string parameters can accept binary data from a file. See Binary Files for an example. Timestamp — Timestamps are formatted per the ISO standard. These are sometimes referred to as "DateTime" or "Date" type parameters.

Boolean — Binary flag that turns an option on or off. For example, ec2 describe-spot-price-history has a boolean dry-run parameter that, when specified, validates the command against the service without actually running a query. The output indicates whether the command was well formed or not. This command also includes a no-dry-run version of the parameter that can be used to explicitly indicate that the command should be run normally, although including it is not necessary as this is the default behavior.

Blob — Binary object. Blob parameters take a path to a local file that contains binary data. The path should not contain any protocol identifier such as http: The --body parameter for aws s3api put-object is a blob:.

The following example reads an item from a DynamoDB table named my-table with a map parameter, --key. The parameter specifies the primary key named id with a number value of 1 in a nested JSON structure.

JSON is useful for specifying complex command line parameters. For example, the following command will list all EC2 instances that have an instance type of m1. The following example specifies the equivalent list of filters in a JSON array. Square brackets are used to create an array of JSON objects separated by commas. Each object is a comma separated list of key-value pairs "Name" and "Values" are both keys in this instance.

Note that value to the right of the "Values" key is itself an array. This is required, even if the array contains only one value string. The outermost brackets, on the other hand, are only required if more than one filter is specified.

A single filter version of the above command, formatted in JSON, looks like this:. Some operations require data to be formatted as JSON. For example, to pass parameters to the --block-device-mappings parameter in the ec2 run-instances command, you need to format the block device information as JSON. You can either enter the JSON directly on the command line see Quoting Strings , or save it to a file that is referenced from the command line see Loading Parameters from a File.

When passing in large blocks of data, you might find it easier to save the JSON to a file and reference it from the command line. JSON data in a file is easier to read, edit, and share with others. This technique is described in the next section. The way you enter JSON-formatted parameters on the command line differs depending upon your operating system.

The Windows command prompt, on the other hand, uses the double quote " to enclose the JSON data structure. For example, the attribute parameter for aws sqs create-queue can take a RedrivePolicy key. Load parameters from a local file by providing the path to the file using the file: For example, on Windows 7 you would typically have a user directory under C: JSON documents that are provided as the value of a parameter key must still be escaped:.

For commands that take binary data as a parameter, specify that the data is binary content by using the fileb: Commands that accept binary data include:. The following example generates a binary bit AES key using a Linux command line tool and then provides it to Amazon S3 to encrypt an uploaded file server-side:. The following example references a file in an Amazon S3 bucket. This allows you to access parameter files from any computer, but requires the file to be stored in a publically accessible location.

In the preceding examples, the filename. Javascript is disabled or is unavailable in your browser. Please refer to your browser's Help pages for instructions. Sign In to the Console.