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Some of you have asked about stock dividends. Nevertheless, there will be dividends paid for long positions and charged for short positions for every aktien trade trade leveraged or unleveraged at eToro. As you all know, stock CFDs trading at eToro has so far been done through orders, aggregated and executed aktien trade daily batches. But that is all about to change! We are extremely proud and incredibly excited to announce the upcoming launch of real-time stock trading on our platform.

Starting April 19th you will be able to open a position on any of the stock CFDs we currently offer, in real-time using all our trading platforms be it the WebTrader, or the Mobile Trader apps. That means instantaneous trade execution, which will enable you to take advantage of aktien trade price movements on stocks, just like you do on every other instrument.

Integrating real-time stock trading across our systems will have multiple advantages. You aktien trade be able to:. This means that you have to place your Stop Loss and Take Profit orders carefully, to prevent them from closing your position due to the spread widening unexpectedly. Buying stock CFDs entails paying a small holding fee. The holding fee similar to the rollover fee in currency markets will be charged once a day. You will be able to see all holding fees listed on our fees page aktien trade real-time stock trading is launched.

Note that there will be no holding fees charged for unleveraged long positions leverage of x1. Changes to Stop Aktien trade The maximum Stop Loss rate will be specific for each stock and will be shown inside the open trade pop up.

As mentioned aktien trade, you aktien trade be able to aktien trade a market order aktien trade the market is closed; this is true for stocks as well as for currencies, commodities and indices.

Placing a market order means that the trade will be executed at the first available rate when the market opens. It also means that you can now copy over the weekend and if you choose to copy open positions, all open positions will be copied when the market opens.

A big thank you goes out to our development team who have worked day and night to finally bring you real-time stock trading, and to you, our social investment community, who have given us invaluable feedback on the matter aktien trade stock aktien trade on our platform. Are you as excited as we are about real-time stocks? Give us a shout out and let us know what you think! Apr 4, - eToro. Apr 3, - eToro. You will be able to: Mar 6, by eToro.

As the global adoption of Fintech continues, more and more advanced technologies will be utilised for trading and investing. Feb 21, by eToro. As of Wednesday, February 21st, we are applying a necessary change to the way the units and margins of trades are calculated, in

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